Thoughts on 19P stingray woc?

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  1. Hi! I'm debating on this stingray woc and could really use some feedback... I've always wanted something with stingray, especially now that Chanel announced they were discontinuing exotic leathers. Thanks in advance! 20190316_095738.jpg 574438732.jpg 20190316_095815.jpg 20190316_095833.jpg
  2. I think it is absolutely stunning. But so is the price tag. But it is truly a beautiful piece that I imagine you will enjoy for many years. If I had the chance I would probably be helpless to resist such beauty :smile:
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  4. I’m not sure the price but my first thought “this is gorgeous if you don’t get it I must.” Beautiful. However, if your ambivalent let it go.
  5. Everything about this is gorgeous! Definitely a keeper in my eyes but as someone else said you’re 2nd guessing it maybe it’s not the one for you.
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  6. It’s absolutely stunning, I love stingray it’s unusual and your not going to see every other person with the same woc as you! If I could I would
  7. Gorgeous! Not sure why your hesitating though. If you can afford it, I’d grab it while you can.
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  8. It's beautiful ! Keep it! Galuchat is the most difficult leather to work with and the finish on this one is stunning.
  9. It's something I wouldn't personally buy, but would admire like crazy if I saw it on someone else. I"m not a fan of exotics, but this is crazy stunning!
  10. I think it is truly breathtaking! It costs SO much, but I think you could be a 70 year old woman and still look elegant carrying this bag. I like that the CC and the shape are understated- and the skin is the (tasteful) wow factor. I also think of all of the exotics, stingray is the most unique. Pretty impossible to do a “stingray” looking knock off! If you can invest, I say do it!
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  11. I think that this bag is STUNNING!!! I was looking for an exotic piece before the ban and if I had seen this in store it would have come home with me :smile: where did you happen to find it?
  12. This is gorgeous! How much is it and where did you find it?
  13. Thank you so much for all of your comments. I'm still undecided... mostly because I'm not sure how much I would actually use it. Is it too fancy for everyday use?

    This silver stingray woc can be found at Saks, Neimans and Bergdorf. It's $6500 and is also available in these three other colors: pink, black and green... Send pics if you get it!
  14. Last season Chanel came out with this particular Stingray Boy. It was love at first sight!!! So gorgeous!!! The holographic effect’s just stunning. I think they are reusing the leather. The silver n black are the Same. Have yet to see the Pink. Anw it’s super cool, I love mine to bits. Except the price of the stingray small boy is similar to this woc... so they must have increased price sigh. I’d hunt down the Small Boy if any is still avail cos it’s a better “value” (not 2.5 times the price. Maybe 1.5? I’m not sure). But man I love this glistening stingray :biggrin::cool:
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  15. Chanel are going to stop producing exotics soon and this one is particularly fantabulous. If you're undecided let it go but that's one of the nicest WOCs I've ever seen.
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