Thoughts needed on another Coach Bag!!!!

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  1. Ok ladie's and gent's... I still have $200.00 of my winnings left..When I was shopping last night at the outlet, another bag caught my eye and I cannot stop thinking about it..It is the Poppy Small/Medium Patent Spotlight#13835... It is on sale right now 30% then another 20% off...Would it be wrong to buy myself another bag...I have (how do I say this) given 2 away so to speak, don't want to get in trouble...So now I have the 1 sabrina,2 Zoe's,& Glam tote..What should I do???? For not liking Leather, I'm Loving the Patent...My bills are pd and my kids are set...My Bf said to get myself something else, but I feel wrong.If I do buy this bag, it will be my Last for awhile..If it wasn't for winning $500., I wouldn't be buying any right now.:smile:
  2. get it! But we're enablers so....:lol:

    Seriously, if you can't stop thinking about it, get it. You may not find it again for that good of a price.
  3. I think you deserve it! You may as well enjoy the money you won!
  4. Get it now, if you still have the ex. 200 bucks!!!!!! when i cant stop thinking about a bag, i must go get it, or i'll go nuts!!!!! yayyyyyyyyy run back to the outlet!!!!!!.....pssst what color is it?
  5. Did you see the pink glam tote?
  6. get it what color is it?
  7. So Lucky, Congrats on your winning. How about a bag with color, i don't have the outlets near so not sure what is out there. How about the Tote that matches the accessories you're getting for Valentine's Day: Here is a pic and it's $200.

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  8. orrr for the $200 the new glam totes are in the full price store in new colors :O)or should it be with tax under the 200 :smile:
  9. I just re-read your post and i thought you we're asking what bag?? sorry yes, get the bag you want, you deserve it :biggrin::biggrin:
  10. yes,,,,thats a super cute bag:biggrin:
  11. It is the Black Patent Spotlight ...I have butterflies over it...I know it's stupid but who know's when I'll have the $$$$ again...See thats why I asked all of you 1st..I don't need another bag but I do love it...I'am not able to just get a bag when I want so, I think my winning was a gift for Anne and myself if that makes since!!!!
  12. Thanks, I like the patent leather, thanks to some enabler's,lol...It is the easiest to care for....That tote is pretty though...:smile:
  13. The small/med. spotlight will be $175.00 tax included..I'll have $25.00 left over,lol...
  14. yes, i now have 2 patent leather and i love how easy to is to clean!!!! good luck!!!!!
  15. sounds like your going back to the outlet!!!!!!!!!!!:yahoo: