thoughts? moni moni or bulga

  1. hey guys-
    i'm debating between the moni moni splendor satchel or the bulga double strap satchel. Any personal experiences with these? please share/rec. thanks!
  2. I don't have either, but I do have different Bulga bags..and I just love the leather and quality. I say BULGA!
  3. ^^^ITA, but I am biased, I have never laid eyes on a Moni Moni bag but I do have a Bulga and the leather is amazing. The bag is amazing so I vote for Bulga!
  4. I just got the Bulga double-handle satchel at the sale table at Nordstroms. I really really love this bag. It's soft, squishy, stylish - I am a Bulga convert for now. I paid about $200 (there was a tear in the lining which I fixed with Krazy Glue).
  5. I have a Bulga crescent satchel which I love, and I've liked the other Bulgas I've seen in stores. I'm also waiting for a Moni Moni Splendor that I ordered, so I'll be able to report back to you first hand on that! Bulgas seem much more "refined"...they seem much more ladylike...and the Monis look more casual, I think. Depends on the look you're going for?
  6. thanks for the reply. so misslola, you're totally happy with the look,etc... of your bulga? Mockinglee, let me know when you receive your moni moni. I love the way it looks but some people wrote that it was a little too squishy?

    I'm just looking for a cool/functional/high quality everyday purse. Doesn't have to be too structured but don't wanna carry a 'blob'. not looking for 'sweats' more like nice 'everyday jeans.'

    Here are the two: i'll also provide a link just in case..


  7. Another vote for Bulga - I had (very briefly) a butterfly bag in seafoam and although it is long gone, I can still remember that leather! Also they have the prettiest linings.
  8. Beachgal, I have the double-handle bag with the studs - although I like the one you want as well judging from the picture! I really to love it though, as I said. I have read way too many negatives about Moni Moni, and I think the Bulga is much more "chic" if you will. You won't be disappointed in the leather. Soft and wonderful, but not too thin and squishy that your stuff bulges inside. It holds the shape definately. I hope this helps.
  9. I have two Bulga handbags, and the leather and workmanship is outstanding! The only funky thing is the Bulga label they sew in...
    The Moni Moni I ordered was not the same quality for the $ so I sent it back. :rolleyes:
  10. I love the Bulga. Own about 4 of their bags and am in a constant search to add more to my wardrobe. I've heard mixed reviews of the Moni Moni. It's no contest. Bulga all the way! :tup:
  11. Definitely the Bulga. The photos you posted were the deciding factor. The Bulga is much more sophisticated looking. The other bag looks a lot more common to me. I just bought a Bulga, though. The leather is really amazing. I will definitely be looking to add more Bulga bags to my collection.
  12. Don't shoot me....I'm in the minority. There's something about that Moni baby that appeals to me....maybe because it's different and fits into a completely casual lifetstyle. If it is for work, then I'd say Bulga but otherwise, "Show Me The Moni"!!
  13. I love the Bulga. I had an older Moni Moni and the quality is just not the same. The strap is coming a loose from the bag, etc.
  14. BULGA for sure! The leather is just TDF! I ahve only read bad things about moni moni and any real life pics I have seen are never appealing. They always look completely worn and dirty...not too cute IMO.
  15. I have a Bulga butterfly tote and a Moni Moni Splendor. While the Moni bag is soft, it's not nearly as soft as the Bulga. They're entirely different types of leather.

    Bulga is like a soft sheepskin (at least that's what I was told when I first bought one), and it definitely gets softer the more you use it (I also think the bag had more of a matte finish when I first got it, but is now a little shinier). The color is pretty even throughout and the bag wears well, altho the leather can be a little more delicate & rubs are more apparent.

    The Moni is a washed leather and the leather is inconsistent throughout. Some places the leather's softer than others, and the color tends to be uneven (like a faded pair of blue jeans). I find the leather on the "hidden" pocket (underneath the front pocket of the bag) is very tough, and the backside of my bag is softer than the front. I haven't had it that long, or used it that often, so I don't know how much more it will soften (but from what I understand, the leather will continue to soften up). I like the size & shape of the Moni, and it holds a lot more than I thought it would. I also like that the longer shoulder strap can be worn cross-body. Because it's made of washed leather, wear isn't as obvious. Scratches & scuffs probably aren't as obvious since the bag is supposed to have a worn look.

    Both bags have their pros & cons - I guess it comes down to what's more important to you. Do you want an extremely soft bag, or one that's a little tougher.