Thoughts ladies

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  1. #16 Jul 16, 2019
    Last edited: Jul 16, 2019
    Pictures don't match up, 1 to 7 pictures are old model Neverfull MM, 8 and 9 are new model Neverfull and made in 2017 and color of patina don't match up with the OM Neverfull pictured, ha, I don't know what made that.
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  2. I'm surprised because I didn't think Etsy allowed this. And as for the sellers from Japan, I don't know personally because I've never purchased from them. I would be too fearful of getting a fake. If I were to buy second hand I think I would trust Fashionphile or Yoogi's because I've heard better feedback and you can return the items if it's not what you expected also.
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  3. I would try to cancel the sale before it goes through. Everything about it seems fishy...and that is certainly not a GM. Did you pay with paypal or your CC? both should be able to protect you if it's a fake.
  4. How’s it going OP?
    Did you receive your 2017 Vintage Neverful GMM with the dual new/old interior?

    Or were you able to cancel the sale? Good luck OP! :amuse:
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  5. I hope you used paypal goods and services. From their feedback, it looks like people aren't actually receiving their bags :sad: No way is someone selling a Murakami MC alma or speedy for those prices.
  6. Oh boy. Please try to cancel this order before it goes through. I’m 100% sure you will not be receiving the bag in the photos because as multiple people have pointed out two different bags are photographed. There were plenty of red flags here including the seller’s awful feedbacks.
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  7. Odd, old interior on a 2017 bag?
  8. Yikes...In light of the new feedback, definitely not looking good.
  9. So I messaged the seller immediately and asked for it to be canceled. I just seen the feedback people just left yesterday and today. I contacted Etsy and they are aware of it and said I’m 100% protected. I paid trough PayPal as well with my credit card so I’m going to make a claim with both. Etsy told me they emailed the seller twice saying I want my order canceled. If they don’t cancel it or contact me back in 48hrs they are escalating it to a claim to get my money back. I can’t even believe Etsy has come to this. I bought 2 vintage LV bags in the last couple month and both transactions were great! Lesson learned
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  10. I’m glad it all worked out. I like using Etsy but only for handmade goods.
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  11. Yes me too but I have bought 2 vintage LV bags in the past both were auth and great deals!
  12. Well the shop got shut down Etsy is working on replacing everyone’s money. I have a claim open with them. Hope to get my money soon. Think I’m going to just go to LV and buy it new lol...unless I find a good deal prepared one
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