Thoughts ladies

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  1. Hi! So I’ve been wanting to get a neverfull bag for a while now to add to my collection. I was on Etsy and I found this amazing deal that I couldn’t pass up. I hope I made the right decision. What do you guys think? The condition looks pretty good they are saying it’s a 9 out of 10. It’s a GM and I got it for $395!!! The only down side is it doesn’t come with a pouch which I said I would not buy a pre-loved one without a pouch but for that price and a GM I did lol...thoughts??
  2. I would get this bag authenticated.
  3. I know the description says GM but the picture is of the mm size. I would ask for the measurements and definitely get it authenticated.
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  4. I also wonder why there are two different photos of the inside? One has the script, and one has the more modern font.
    Also it is listed as "vintage from before 2000"....
  5. My favorite part of this ad is this: "Vintage from before 2000."
    The Neverfull was introduced in 2007 if I remember correctly... :rolleyes:
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  6. My thought is, this is too good to be true. Good luck.
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  7. Get it authenticated. The pics don’t seem right. They say GM but looks like MM size.
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  8. Date code says FL2167...Red flag right there. That was not made in 2000. And there are multiple pictures of the old and new fabric interior. This looks like the photos posted from eBay (Japan sellers). Definitely get it authenticated.
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  9. Can you cancel the sale before they ship it to you?
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  10. After looking at some of the other items they have for sale...I'd be very leery purchasing from this seller. Prices and items seem too good to be true.
  11. I just looked up the code and it says 2017 not 2000. I did ask the seller about the size because I agree it didn’t look like a GM more like a MM they said it’s a GM idk. And for the title I think they put vintage cause you can only sell vintage pieces on Etsy. I hope this was a scam they have more LV in their store.
  12. I thought the same but I have found some great deal on LV off Etsy I got a large Noe for $150 and a speedy 35 for $400 both were auth! So I thought just another great deal ugh ‍♀️ Well see what happens
  13. I thought sellers from Japan are ok because they have strict replica policy?
  14. They could've easily stolen photos from those Japanese sellers.
    This is what I'm afraid of here. The photos of the bag could be authentic, but the seller stole the photos. Classic bait and switch. When you have two photos of the same bag that are actually of different things (like the inside pocket of the bag with two different fonts), that's a huge red flag for me.
    The other listings the seller has and their lack of feedback for designer items are another red flag. Not saying this can't be a true deal, but many times when it's too good to be true, it usually is. Good luck and I hope it works out!
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  15. Agree with all of these points!