with decision

  1. Which of these do you all like better?
    This in the Parchment Stripe
    Or This
    Also from the pics I find it hard to believe the drop in the Chelsea is longer than the signature stripe, has anyone seen these in person? Will they fit over the shoulder?
  2. Tough question. They are both so pretty. I'm going to say I like the second one best. I like the closure on it. I don't have a bag like that. It looks super easy to get in and out of and secure at the same time. Also, I would be afraid of getting the parchment strip dirty on that first one.

    Let us know what you decide!
  3. I like them both but I would say the second just for durability and more substantial looking. I think it would last longer.. I did look at that second bag the other day for a second.. it DID fit on my shoulder, but I moved onto something else so quickly I didn't look in the mirror or even take out the stuffing.. but it did fit. Good Luck! They are both nice bags! :tup:
  4. The Chelsea will fit over the shoulder more comfortably than the Sig Stripe satchel. I have the Sig Stripe satchel in parchment and love it. (I'm more of a "crook in the arm" as opposed to an "over the shoulder" bag carrier.) I'd have to agree that the Chelsea seems more substantial looking and I really like the turnlock closure. I think the details of this bag are really nice. I would have purchased this bag if the straps were shorter!
  5. I prefer the Chelsea bag. I have the Chelsea wristlet and I really like the turnlock closure.
  6. I like the Chelsea better
  7. I also like the Chelsea better, which is surprising since I normally don't like Chelsea stuff.

    I agree with the others that it looks more substantial. I think the thicker straps would make it more comfortable to carry as well.

    Also, I think it looks more..classic, than the other one. I love classic styles. :smile:
  8. I like the 2nd one best! I love how it looks!
  9. They are both great looking bags and I like them both for different reasons...the first one I like the stripe and the larger "C"'s and the Chelsea...I like the buckle detail and turnlock.
  10. I agree with the others, the chelsea looks more substantial. They are both nice but the first one's handles just seem thin to me.
  11. I like the Chelsea best- I've tried the satchel and it won't fit on my shoulder and I like shoulder bags.

    I like the turnlock and leather detail on the Chelsea- looks more expenive to me. How much are these two bags.
  12. I love both of them... but I think I'd get tired of the 1st one in parchment too quickly. I vote for the Chelsea; it just looks so classic!!
  13. The Chelsea is more popular among most people, both for very valid reasons (strap length, size, etc.) and because it is the current "push" line. I prefer the looks of the signature stripe better, simply because I like the darker leather trim and I prefer a bag that zippers closed.
  14. I like the Chelsea satchel better. I've seen both IRL and I thought the Chelsea satchel looked better.
  15. agree with everyone about the handles. I like the parchment better but the handles are too thin. I have a bag with thin handles and it digs into your shoulder after a while.