Thoughts & Help Finding Saffiano Wallet

  1. Seller ended the auction early :sad: Keep 'em coming if you see them on eBay or other site. Thanks!
  2. Gosh, it's like the itch I can't scratch! I was so excited when you found it on eBay, nami... Now that it got taken off the auction, I'm completely obsessed. :crybaby: Fingers, legs and eyes crossed that someone will see this on eBay again! If you do, please please please let me know! Thanks so much in advance...
  3. Aww bummer, what a disappointment!!! I will keep a watch out for you. Hopefully, something will pop back up soon.
  4. Thanks again nami! I really do appreciate it :smile:
  5. 5thelement!! I know that this is an old thread but I just sent you a PM.