thoughts and tips on Kooba?

  1. Where do you go to check out Kooba bags? To touch em and feel em and drool over them? Do you find more at Saks or Neiman Marcus (that's where Kooba says to buy them) or is there some specialty shop in your area?

    Where do you buy yours? Customer Service is soooo important to me! So I really don't want to do -

    If you bought them at full price do you feel it is worth it? That the quality is worth some of the $500 price tags?
  2. I have never paid retail price for a Kooba... and don't think that I would. Don't get me wrong, because the quality of the bags are great! It's just usually worthwhile to hunt around for a bargain, even if it's only 20% off.

    I've bought the majority of my Koobas from eBay, all with favorable outcomes.
  3. For older styles, also check NM Last Call or Off Fifth, as well as online sales at both for discounts. I would not pay full price for almost anything, including bags. I do think the quality of the bags is really quite good, but I can't stomach the full price when in 6 months or less possibly, you'll be able to find the same bag on discount.
  4. I agree with KoobaLover. Totally. The hunt of the bargain, and I have purchased most of mine from eBay with great outcomes. Many TPFers resell their bags on Ebay.
  5. Pretty much the same here. I buy alot of them on eBay, and only got burnt once. The "used a few times, like new" expresso Sienna that was shipped UPS ground looked like it was literally drug behind the back of the truck ON THE GROUND all the way. It still perplexes me today. It's is almost as if someone else posted the auction based on what someone told them to say, without ever seeing the bag. I got my money refunded, and all other Ebay bags have been great deals.

    As suggested before for older styles check out NM last call and Saks of Fifth. Prices run roughly 50% of what full retail price was, give or take a few "surprise" discounts due to clearances.

    The closet I get to paying full price is when I want a newer Kooba, like the black Hannah clutch I bought at Bloomingdales. Here's where a good sales associate is worth her weight in gold. Mine always calls me when Koobas get marked down, or they are getting ready to do a sale, where I promptly take her up on the offer to do a presale on a bag.

    Like Koobalover and Posk said the thrill is in the hunt, even if it's only 20% off. Good luck on your Kooba searches, and may the Kooba Gods smile down upon you!
  6. Does Bluefly sell authentic Koobas?
  7. ^ Yep.
  8. Wow there is a black Sienna on there for $375.00 --- I love you guys! And I have a Off 5th and NM Last Call an hour away. When I lose these last 15 pounds my gift to myself is going here.