Thoughts and opinions please!

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  1. Hi all!

    My birthday is at the end of this month and I’ve decided I want to treat myself to one more bag before I take a little break. I know this is an LV thread but I also a lot of you have diverse collections but I’m contemplating between these two bags:
    Pochette Métis in empreinte noir
    Hermes Evelyn PM in black

    My current collection:
    Pochette Métis in reverse
    Speedy b25 in DE
    Neverfull GM in DE

    I feel like I’m lacking a nice black leather bag and since my wardrobe tends to be black, white, and grey I feel like I should have one lol.

    Any thoughts or opinions are appreciated! Thank you!
  2. Pochette Metis. The Evy is very casual, whereas the PM noir can go casual or dressy.
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  3. Hermes Evelyn is not a nice bag. It is a very casual bag in my opinion and as it is a very high bag it does not look nice against the body. I’m also not a fan of the PM, but in black Empreinte it is far more versatile and looks more elegant than the Evely. Good luck.
  4. Personally I love the look for the Evelyn over the PM - by far. But it depends on how you plan to use the bag. I agree with the others that the Evy is more casual than the PM.
  5. I have the Pochette Métis in Reverse and Evelyn Etoupe. I have Evelyn for 2 years and reached for it less than 5 times. I bought the PM in Oct and already worn it twice as much.

    I don’t like how heavy the Evelyn gets and after a while it starts to hurt my neck. So much so I’m thinking of selling it. It’s my least used bag in my collection.
  6. I've only ever tried on the Evelyn once, but I wasn't impressed with the interior, it's just the other side of the leather. I like a more finished "luxurious" interior, especially if I'm spending that much.

    I also LOVE the PM and any bag of that size and shape so I'm a tad biased!
  7. I have the PM in Noir and had the Eveylyn in Gold. For a time, I really loved my Evie. I adored the casual look and how the leather was comfortable and how squishy it was. But I eventually got tired of how heavy it was. It started to hurt my neck, and for some strange reason, the clasp often came undone while wearing it and the bag would drop to the floor. I sold it to Fashionphile. I used to have many Hermes bags (entry level) and SLG's but sold them all.

    I adore my PM in Noir. It's a similar size, so the functionality is similar. I find the PM to be a little more dressy looking, but I'm ok with that. It's comfortable, light, chic, and I like the top handle.

    I notice you have the Reverse PM-I'm tempted to get the bag b/c I like my PM so much. Disclaimer: I had 2 PM's in mono and had to sell both due to defects. I still loved the style enough to try again, in Noir.
  8. Thank you so much! You have all definitely given me some food for thought and also thank you for letting me know the bag gets heavy I never thought of that! I have three littles ones 4 and under so while a crossbody is a must and I’m not completely opposed to a casual bag for the price I would like the bag to be a little more versatile and I do love my reverse Métis....I’m definitely leaning that way!
  9. I also returned my Evelyne because of the weight. I thought I was the only one who had a problem with it. That is the primary reason I cannot find a casual H bag that works for me. The leather is beautiful but the weight is bad for my cervical injury.