Thoughts and Observations

  1. I am a man and would like to offer my thoughts and observations of women’s handbags.
    It is my personal believe that you can tell a lot about a woman by the bag she carries and the accessories in it, particularly her wallet. Let me briefly explain.
    The Handbag
    Quality – a good leather designer bag tells me the woman knows quality and has money to spend on herself. It shows style and good taste.
    Size – Small – tells me she is extremely organized, not a “saver”. Doesn’t worry about re-doing make up,
    Medium to Large – Well prepared, has something for almost every need. I’d like to think a larger bag is the ideal size for anything other then formal attire.
    Extra Large to Huge – Carries things “just in case”. Doesn’t throw away anything. Has or will have a sore back or shoulder, is not a health nut. Probably a worrier.
    The Accessories
    If they are matching in style and designer made of leather, it tells me this lady has class and money.
    The Wallet
    Size here tells me quite a bit. Thin – carries few credit cards. Pictures, stubs, and cards are of little value. Thick – has good enough credit to get all sorts of cards. Has the right card or info for any occasion. Enjoys shopping. Very Thick- the same as thick but keeps receipts, lists, business cards and photos. This woman is prepared for anything.
    NOTE: When I say leather it means no plastic or vinyl. Logo material would be in the same class as leather.
    I could go on about Make-Up bags, Check Book Covers, Key Rings, Calanders and Indexers, etc. but I’ve probably over stayed my welcome.
  2. I have to say for the most part I agree with this.
  3. The one I dissagree with is

    Extra Large to Huge – Carries things “just in case”. Doesn’t throw away anything. Has or will have a sore back or shoulder, is not a health nut. Probably a worrier.

    It an also be a sign of someone who has more than one place to go before they go home...What's in your tote bag?
  4. Yeah, I don't really agree-- I love HUGE bags, but never fill them up. I like the look, but carry the same essentials in my big bags as my small ones... Plus, I have a thinner wallet, I just like to be minimal... it has no reflection on my credit- lol! Then again, I'm the kind of gal who puts my LV wallet into my tennis bag...

    Still, fun to see your observations!
  5. interesting!
  6. Interesting post, thanks! Most men I know don't give two hoots about a woman's bag or wallets, so this is cool!
  7. Basically makes sense to me.

  8. I think you are right.

    However, I think things are a little more complex than you may realise! :biggrin:

    On the whole, I would agree. :yes:

    Although, alternatively, she could be heavily in debt due to her designer purchases (or something else), or it could have been bought for her as a gift.

    Sometimes true, but not necessarily.

    It depends on whether she is out for the whole day on foot/in cabs/on public transport, or has just popped out on a brief errand and/or has taken her car (so extraneous possessions can be kept in there).

    I wouldn't describe myself as 'extremely organised' (unfortunately), but if I'm just popping out, briefly, or going to the hairdressers (where I would have to leave a large bag, to be splattered with hair dye and water, on the hairy floor!), I often just take a clutch, or continental wallet. :yes:

    Yes, possibly.

    But it could just be a bag full of useless junk(!), or a nearly empty large bag, just because she likes the style.

    I think you are leaving both fashion and body type out of the equation. When large bags are 'in' many women will carry them, despite the fact that they may not always have need of them. Also, women are told that larger bags are more slimming, as they make one seem smaller in proportion. :biggrin:

    Again, possibly, but not necessarily.

    If the extra large bag is stuffed to the gunnels, that may be true (although, again, it may be she is just too busy, or simply hates, clearing it out).

    However, if it is slouchy and under filled, it is probably just a fashion statement. :yes:

    Not necessarily. :nogood:

    Many women, until very recently, have been of the opinion that 'matchy matchy' and/or wearing the same designer head-to-toe, is not particularly fashionable (or imaginative) and that coordinating, but non-matching, accessories are a way to show style awareness, taste and individuality.

    Again, rather like the bag comments - not necessarily.

    The thin wallet could be a new one and/or the woman may have many, many, wallets and she simply hasn't the time, or the inclination, to move everything over every time she switches them, so she just moves the essentials (especially if she is just running an errand).

    The thick wallet owner might have appalling credit, but just hasn't quite got to the stage where her cards have been cancelled, yet! After all, people with limited finances, but lots of cards on the go, are far more likely to get into financial difficulties than those with just a few.

    Like the overstuffed, large bag, the very thick wallet could be the woman's only one and she simply hasn't the time, or inclination, to clear all the useless junk out of it!

    Ah, but what if she's a vegan?

    Not at all! That was a very interesting first post. :yes:

    Thank you! :biggrin:
  9. Great post from a truly sensitive man I think :smile:
    I carry larger bags but I am a worrier :smile:

    Would love to hear your views on make up bags etc, please post :flowers: You are very welcome here :yes:
  10. I think you're reading way too much into it. Like women can try to size men up by the cars they drive, but just because he drives a Benz doesn't mean he has class or money. He could be living in a dump because he spends all his money on his Mercedes. :lol: Overgeneralization is a bad, bad thing.
  11. I find this thread interesting, simply because I've never seen/heard/read input from a man regarding a woman's handbag. I think oftentimes women make generalizations about men based on the car they drive, which is kind of the same as judging based on a handbag. I do think it's a little harder to judge by a woman's handbag for the reasons the previous posters mentioned.
  12. Thanks for sharing your observations! It's interesting what the opposite sex thinks of our crazy obsession. ha. Anytime you have more to share, please enlighten us. :yes:
  13. I don't agree with the thick wallet = good credit assertion either. I have excellent credit, but I only limit my cards to a select few that have good interest rates and perks. From my experience, most department store cards is worthless. They say you'll get 10% off on your first purchases with their card, and then they turn around and charge 23% interest!
  14. Yeah, dept store cards are next to useless :{
    The only ones I use freq out of the many I have, are my Neiman's and Victoria's Secret cards. Next to that is the Saks Mastercard just cause the Saks Store card is automatically associated with it.

    I generally agree with Lorrie Purse, except for the large bags. Like the other girls here, I have large bags, but when I use them, only my prada zip wallet, cell phone, and key holder sit inside. Sounds kinda silly, but some large bags are just too cute!
  15. I'd like to know how you've seen the inside of so many handbags?