Thoughts about the Madeleine PM?

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  1. Hi everyone, this is my first time posting in the LV subforum. I recently got my first LV, an epi-leather speedy 25 in black. However, as I used it, the leather around the zip started to crack. It hadn't cracked open yet but I was concerned it would (and it looked ugly as it was anyway), so I went to the LV store. They told me that they're experiencing this problem with all epi-leather speedies and that until the manufacturing problem gets sorted out, the same would happen even if I got a new one.

    So instead of exchanging, I took a credit note to give myself some time to think about it. This makes me a little sad because I LOVE the epi leather and the speedy was the perfect size for everyday use. I've been having a browse in the epi-leather section and it seems that the Madeleine PM is the closest to the Speedy 25 both in functionality and price.

    Does anyone have any experience with the Madeleine? What do you think? What's good and what's bad about it? Is it large enough for everyday use? Any manufacturing problems like the Speedies? Thanks so much!

    Picture of the Madeleine PM:
  2. welcome to tpf! i love the epi madeleine, especially in red! i think it's lovely and looks like royalty.
  3. So sorry the speedy didn't work out...have you took a look at the jasmin (sp) ?
  4. I really like the Madeleine PM. (It may be my next purchase.) It's a good price for an Epi, since it's lined in the textile fabric rather than the microfiber that other Epis are lined in.
  5. Thanks for your messages! I still haven't decided what to do but your advice is definitely useful.