thoughts about Resellers that sell brand new bags

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  1. hi. i just recently decided to look into purchasing a Hermes bag. and was informed by friends that buying one is not that simple. so I searched online about buying Hermes bags and found many online resellers of brand new bags and also saw some physical resell stores. to my surprise, it is not hard to get a birkin or is just hard to get one at the Hermes store. the amount of new Birkins and Kelly's are actually a LOT... this leads me to feel that the resellers/shops are creating an artificial supply shortage (by keeping the stock/bags at a higher cost).

    my friends told me that in Paris, they can only buy one bag/trip/person....perhaps Hermes tries to put quotas on how many Birkins and Kelly's someone can buy so resellers don't "hoard" stock.

    so my question is...knowing that resellers somewhat artificially create a demand/supply imbalance by keeping the stock (increasing prices just high enough that some buy and many want to wait for Hermes), do you buy from resellers?

    if you do, are you just helping the resellers inflate the price? Hermes definitely know people are buying from resellers at a higher price and as long as people are willing to do that, Hermes will keep increasing the price. the quality or material is the same...and they increase at 10%? inflation doesn't go up that much at all. I know a lot of the luxury brands have not increased prices in 2015 as economy is not good. In fact Patek phillip decreased prices by 7% in 2015. By buying a brand new Hermes from a reseller, they will order from Hermes (to restock their supply) and then Hermes won't feel that the economy is not good.

    sorry this is a long winded post. i don't mean to attack resellers or anything...just my observation. just wondered what long time Hermes fans and collectors feel about it. i am a newbie so maybe my thoughts are incorrect...

    thanks for reading 😊 this forum is a wealth of info!!
  2. If you could do a search, there are existing threads on this topic which should answer your questions. Thanks.
Thread Status:
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