Thoughts about Mono Lockit Horizontal / Damier Saleya MM?

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  1. What are your thoughts about the Mono Lockit Horizontal? How about the Damier Saleya MM?

    Is the lockit horizontal a high maintenance bag? which is more practical?

    Im only 5"3... pretty petite.
  2. I think for your size the Lockit Horiz. would look better... How do you feel about the width/bottom of the Saleya MM? I know I've haven't been with the company for a month now, but I found the width of the Saleya MM was too wide for some... I feel the majority would side with the Lockit Horiz. but if you're open to the design of the Saleya MM, that would be wonderful! I'm a huge Damier fan, haha...
  3. so am i ... im a huge damier fan, its so low maintenance...
    im not sure how i feel about the bottom though, ive never actually tried the bag IRL... the boutique is 3 hours drive away~~~
  4. The lochit H is nice, carries the world and then some. Fits on your shoulder over a coat so thats a plus. I dont find that its high maintenance at all, bu then again i always what where i put my bags down :smile:

    I also dont have an issue with the handles falling off my shoulder at I tuck the outter one under the inner one and it works well.

  5. i've always preferred the shape of the saleya, but in the pm size since i'm rather petite.

    never really liked the LH... i just don't like the vachetta bottom. if only that bag came in damier!
  6. i was thinking about the same thing... i'll want the LH in damier... its so chic!
  7. lockit H in damier would be hot!
    here was a post a long while ao where someone photoshopped one and it is yummy :smile:
  8. ahhh, i missed that....
  9. The lockit H is great.
  10. I cant seem to find the picture now .. but this will give you an idea. i'll continue to search for the photo shopped one.

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  11. thankyou!!
  12. I don't have either -- but I think the Lockit H is just more unique looking than the Saleya tote. I'm not against the Saleya it's just that the Lockit H has a different, elegant shape to it that you're not going to see all that often. It's a different-looking tote and so pretty!
  13. The Sayela MM is more practical solely because of the Damier. I think the Lockit H looks better but the vachetta is definitely something to think about. I am constantly paying attention to where I lay my bags. So it doesn't seem to be a huge issue for me.

    I am 5'3" and the Saleya MM didn't seem to fit me well. The bottom was too wide and hit me at an ackward place on my hip making it jut out more. So for the comfort factor alone I would probably go with the Lockit H.
  14. I'm a Lockit fan. I think that would be lovely on you.
  15. thanks guys