thoughts about Gucci totes

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  1. I am interested in buying the Gucci tote with the red and green straps. I would like to know if it's a good investment or not, please give me your inputs.
  2. which tote? is it the one on this link (the medium tote with signature web double handles and zip-top closure in beige GG fabric with dark brown leather trim and green and red web)?
    if it is this one, i happen to own this tote. it was my first gucci, actually :yes: and i still carry it ptroudly to this day. i love it. very roomy.

  3. oops...i forgot to add that because of the fabric, you have to be extra careful when carrying it with jeans (or any other item of clothing whose color rubs off on the canvas). that has happened to my bag and i had to send it to the cleaners. other than that, i would say this is a good, sturdy tote.
  4. yeah that's the one, so it's not too big? if so i was also thinking of maybe getting the smaller one instead, i don't want anything to bulky.
  5. the medium one is perfect for my needs. depends on your lifestyle really. the small one is cute and also still quite roomy but i just wanted something a little bigger (since i have a 6-year old and i stuff her things insdie it, too).
    happy tote-shopping!:smile:
  6. Love it, roll with the purchase - you certainly won't feel buyers remorse later!!!
  7. This Is My Second Fav-from Gucci- First Is Red/green Hobo, It Is So Practical, I Stuff Everything In The Large One And Go, When I'm In Miami It's Great For Shopping, When I'm In Nyc It's Great To Throw Your Small Purchases In, Also I Would Go Into The Store And Try On Both, Remember Buy According To Height You Don't Want To Look Like The Bag Is Wearing You, Although I Love Seeing That!