Thoughts about Gucci Tiger Head bag?

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  1. It's cute, but the chains I feel are too small and flimsy for the heft of the bag. I am not sure why Gucci didn't think to resize those proportionately. Also, the structure of the bag is a big wonky when the flap is opened, just the way it was designed. I could see how, when full, opening the bag would allow the cavity to nearly empty out on the floor somewhere. So for me, it's a bit problematic in design...
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  2. Thank you very much, that’s why I was looking for a review somewhere but couldn’t find it. So the bag is even less structured than Marmont and have smaller chains. That’s not good though I like the look of it, especially the tiger head and the leather seems nice. I’m looking for a flap bag in black leather with gold hardware and a chain strap but not Gucci Marmont or Chanel, something interesting like this tiger head Gucci bag.
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  3. I am waiting on this one from Dior, in case you are a Dior fan ...the best quality bags out there IMO. And I have a load of Chanel to compare :smile:
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  4. Oh this bag looks very nice! Once I almost bought Dior quilted flap bag but I didn’t like the chain. It looked very similar to this you showed me, is it a new model?
  5. yes this is not out yet, it's coming for fall/winter 2018. It's pretty reasonable for $3700 I think! I like the Diors b/c of their craftsmanship, they all have leather or sueded interiors, materials and designs are impeccable, etc.
  6. Thanks, then it’s on my list to see it in Dior shop when it comes out. Though I was looking for a purse around 2000€ ;)
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  7. That is stunning!
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  8. I saw a small version of a tiger head bag today on luisaviaroma. Beside that it's smaller it also has a different chain. And the price is nicer.
  9. Thank you for info! I’ll look it up. Maybe the smaller is not that wonky like Tracy said... Now I just can’t decide between Marmont (everybody loves it but me not so much), YSL envelope, Prada Cahier (so nice when I tried it in person) and this...
  10. Hello everyone,
    It had been a while that I have been on the purseforum. Glad to be back !
    After a lot of thinking, am ready to purchase my very first Gucci bag.
    There is a new one that had recently out, the Gucci Rajah bag. Has anyone purchased it yet? Would love to have your opinions and reviews.
    Am hesitating between the colors Black or Burgundy and the sizes medium (L - 27cm) or small (L - 22cm) All of your kind opinions are welcome.
    Love reading all of you...
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  11. IMG_7208.JPG IMG_7209.JPG Here are the 2 colors.
  12. I love this one in the small. Either color!
  13. Thanks for your input @Greentea.
    I love this color too but I think the black is a 'safer' option. The photos are of the medium size. I would get the small size which is 22cm. It would look nicer cross body than the medium size that will look more like a satchel at 27cm.

    Has anyone else fallen in love with this bag?
  14. Looks better IRL I must say, congratulations TraceySH

    I am eyeing-up the draw-string Rajah bucket bag in blue suede/red trim. Just that beautiful tiger's head and web-stripe but no other hw.

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  15. 27 sounds small but altogether the bag is quite substantial, if you're looking for a small bag the go for the 22.