Thoughts about Gucci Tiger Head bag?

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  1. C1F313D9-FDC5-4442-81F3-5F3E6FBBDED9.jpeg What do you guys think of this bag? Curious because there is no even one review of it online or anything about it except on Do you think a tiger head is over the top? I like the bag :smile:
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  2. The Gucci logo + horsebit + tiger head is a little crowded visually. However the tiger’s head is beautifully detailed and enhances the otherwise conservative colour and shape of the envelope chained flap.
  3. I really like the runway pastel blue croc version :love:
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  4. + 1

    So neither like nor dislike, I'd be more interested in it if it either had the horse-bit/GG OR the tiger's head.
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    Agree :yes:.
    I think it would look quite interesting with just the tiger's head.
  6. Agree. Tiger head beautiful on its own. Looks crowded to me as shown in photo. Have not seen in person.
  7. I like it a lot, especially in burgundy, but it's too expensive for me.
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  8. Looks like they couldn't decide between tiger and gucci horsebit clasp and just went with it.
  9. That’s it! Totally agree!
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  10. Yeah, I’d love it like that! :heart:
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  11. I’m sorry but this bag is one of Gucci’s worst. Far too over priced
  12. #pass
  13. Here are some pics of it...I actually like it. Feels fun vintage to me.
    fK5L5J+wQn2BgwzItUzqMA.jpg BdRSylu6QwmObBZu0c8XPw.jpg 4lmk9v9JQQmtkQkI6XdjzA.jpg YS6rx4unT%+E7a3qjSWEJg.jpg tIuRUmZcSsCgOm87OVNqug.jpg
  14. your modeled pictures give me a better perspective... definitely looks better on you than in the advertisement.

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  15. Thank you! The bag looks very beautiful on you! Love it.
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