Thoughts about games


Do you like playing forum games such as "This or That"?

  1. Yes, it is highly entertaining and I must participate daily.

  2. Once in a while at my peak of boredom.

  3. What a waste of time! I'd rather be discussing more important purse matters!

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  1. I love games! Who else loves them on this forum? I also had an idea- should there be a special subforum for games only? There seems to be more being added. :idea:
  2. I love this or that game.
  3. I played a few times!
  4. Eh...not so much. It gets old after the 10th thread you come across. I guess I visit too many forums! ;)

    I was wanting to do a game thread that allowed a little more creativity. For example, Balderdash. But it would have to be rather organized as you could only have x number of players, and people would have to be tied to their pc for the most part in order to keep the game going at a decent pace.
  5. I like the game threads because they are a departure from the usual purse-obsessed thread. Besides, if one wants to get down to business, he or she can always pop into the "bags, bags,bags" section of the forum.
  6. I love games! I wish we have a different folder of sub-forum full of games! hehe!
  7. I like the games too, and usually frequent them once I'm caught up in the other parts of the forum. It's a nice break when I'm on the verge of selling my soul for a new bag... brings me back to reality. :smile:
  8. a saturation is no fun, to me. just a few to keep things rolling.
    otherwise, it will become a post war.
  9. ^Well said, PO. ITA.