Thoughtless sellers :( !

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  1. i bought a dior gaucho from a seller and paid her by paypal in US dollars ( my currency is euro ) . with the date`s exchange rate i paid 727 euro ...then the seller without previous notification just refunded me money saying she wont be selling the bag ... all would be ok but due to currency change on the day of refund i only received 683 euro back so now not only i wont get my bag i lost money just because seller changed her mind ! is there anything i can do? seller calls me blackmailer , because i informed her that i will give her a negative feedback .. she could have contacted me first and i would ahve told her to wait until the currency is similar ...any ideas if i can get my money back somehow??? pls pls help! :s
  2. I'm sorry this happened to you. :sad:

    Did she explain why she wasn't going to send you the bag, even though you'd won and paid for it?

    Also, do you have a link to the auction?

    Is it possible that she did this on purpose, to keep the difference, I wonder? :shrugs:
  3. I am sorry this happened to you. But when people transfer money, they have no way of knowing the currency exchange rate that is going to be charged. I have been on the losing end of similar transactions involving refunds on several occasions -- it stinks and, unfortunately, is one of the reasons people are hesitant to do business with people in other countries.

    That being said, she definitely violated eBay rules. And you lost money as a result. I would try explaining to her again that she cost you money. Maybe she will paypal you an additional amount to compensate you. That is not "extortion" in my opinion. She definitely deserves a negative otherwise.

  4. In which case, I agree, she was totally thoughtless, but unless she agrees to pay you the difference, I'm not sure you can do too much about it; except leave her a neutral, or a negative. :shrugs:

    I suppose you could try contacting eBay and Paypal, but I'm not sure they'll do anything...
  5. You can file a non performing complaining with eBay against her because she broke the contract! She should get a strike for this!
  6. It's happened to me before and I contacted Paypal, and surprise surprise, they said it's due to different currency rates on date of payment and date of refund, and they won't do anything about it. So unless the seller agrees to top up, you'll have to eat the loss.

    Contact ebay though and see if they can do anything to make the seller cover the loss, keeping fingers crossed for you!

    Just a note: a negative for the seller will most likely result in a negative for yourself. If the seller is nasty, even if you don't leave her a negative, you may just get one for "blackmailing" her.

    so sorry that something like that has happened to you...
  7. thanks all the gals, at least the support im getting from you makes me feel better a bit ... i will never ever make that mistake again ... hopefully :yes:
  8. oh geez... i'm sorry this happened to you :sad: i guess it's a lesson learned :smile:
  9. you can report her to ebay for a non performing seller i think. she should get a strike for that. i'm sorry this happened to you and the exchange rate stinks. i don't think other than that there's anything you can do unfortunately.
  10. omigosh! this is terrible! is the seller at ALL willing to work with you!?!? can paypal help? the must be able to do something!

  11. she is sending me back to paypal, paypal says they sofa king dont care as the currency echange rates are not set by them and ebay... well we will see im waiting for another reply from customer service but i doubt it .. why do people put items for sale just to pull out of a transaction 2 days after its finished ! ?:confused1: the thing is that i dont want to stop buying from ebay but now i think i will ask a confirmation from seller that he is not gonna pull out from transaction after its ended just to have something extra for ebay just in case... :s