Thought You Might Like This!

  1. Hey girls

    Thought you might like to see the charm necklace that I got for Christmas..




    How cute is the wee shoe!

    The necklace was designed for charity by a number of different celebrities..

    The Open Heart - Catherine Tate
    Medicine Pot - Grayson Perry
    Swallow - Kate Moss
    Lily - Scarlett Johansson
    Fish - Stephen Webster

    Shoe - Christian Louboutin!
  2. Cute!
  3. So cute posh!!!
  4. It will do until I get a real pair! :smile: My feet aren't that small! hehe
  5. It is very very cute~~!!

    Also, Lavenderlce, is that a Shih-Tzu?? Very very cute!!! Looks just like mine!!
  6. Oh that is cute!! And for a good cause,too!
  7. that's co cute!!
  8. So cute!
  9. That is too cute! Where can we get the shoe charm????
  10. I was thinking the same thing!!!
  11. OMG I need one!! I would put that on all of my purses and wallets. Heheee so cute. :amuse:
  12. Love it!
  13. I can go to the shops and see if they have any if anyone is really looking for one :smile:
  14. Oh it's okay. I don't want to burden you with this LOL :amuse: