Thought on the Anthony??

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  1. Thoughts on the Anthony??
    Is the Anthony a heavy bag?
    I don't usually do a messenger but thought it might be useful for days out in the summer etc.
    Can you get all your bits in there, I usually carry the basics, phone, purse, diary etc.
    Sorry for all the questions but not sure about the weight. How does it compare to other bags?
    Sorry for all the questions!
  2. The small Antony is a pleasure to wear, not heavy but does feel substantial if you fill it. It's not huge though. I can fit coach wristlet (containing bits and bobs), pack of wipes, wallet , phone and keys in mine- would struggle to fit my sunglasses in too. It carries the essentials though. Personally I think I would find the larger Antony messenger heavy because a) it's a larger bag b) you'd fill it with more stuff. I've discovered from past experience that large messengers do strain by back/neck if i wear them for any length of time but I've not had a problem with little Ant!
  3. I think that the weight depends on the leather. The large Anthony is certainly quite heavy in NVT. I find the small Anthony just a tiny bit too small. I would like an in between size or maybe big Anthony made in Goatskin?
  4. That is the smaller one. The larger one is called the Anthony Messenger and costs £350 I think.
  5. That's the small one like mine. fabulous little bag. If you have a look at the first page on the catwalk thread I'm modelling mine.
  6. I prefer the proportions of the smaller one.
  7. I love my Antony. Before I got him, I used to use Kipling bags, Eldorado, which is similar but has more pockets etc. I am going off of them because I use them for holiday bags and am limited when using purses etc, also when the camera goes in its a squeeze to get out. Having discovered the Antony, there is more than enough space for:

    Purse (mine is the LV Vernis Elise - but am sure it was called Notebook or something like that)
    Blackberry Bold
    Card Holder
    Oyster Card
    Camera (if needed)

    Think thats about it, so quite a bit.

    I see him as more of a weekend bag and he is perfect for it. Haven't used him on holiday yet as I go to really hot places and worry a little about the heat and the leather.

    Hope you get one as they are really fab :biggrin:
  8. Pics 1&2 - Small Anthony
    Pics 3&4 - Anthony Messenger (large)

    I am about 5'5"

    Attached Files:

  9. thanks, just looked at the photo. It does look very nice and I prefer the smaller size for me.
    It seems quite a useful bag to have.
  10. Don't forget you could get one from the outlet for £136 but they might not have the classic colours or the front pocket. I actually find the small front pocket really handy for car park tickets/ train tickets and things like that!
  11. Oh congrats, you have made a great choice :biggrin:
  12. Well done Rach, looks a lovely bag and at a great price!:biggrin:

    I think the Anthony looks fab and a small messenger would fit into my lifestyle far better than a bigger bag but it's the webbing strap that puts me off! I have a Somerset shoulder which also has the webbing strap but there's much less of it obviously, whereas with the Anthony the webbing seems to take over the bag somehow iykwim!:nuts: Anyway, yours looks fab so let us know how you get on.