Thought on searching for B-bags holy grails, etc. ......

  1. So I've been searching for coinpurse's and makeup bags - I've called almost all NM and Barney's stores this week to see what everyone has. (NO EB RH coin *cry*cry*) but when I have them on the phone I ask what they have in stock in general. All of the stores seems to have plenty stock of GH (even a EB coin!) but pretty much every store was sold out of RH coin/makeup/accessories except for the black color, some where completely sold out of RH stuff. I also asked about city bags, etc.

    So here's my question: Are people buying more RH bags and accessories (that's why there are so little to be had)? or are they making less RH stuff?

    This is not a hating thread. We all know that all of these bags are beauiful (I mean they ARE Balenciaga after all!) - just more of an informal poll, question.

    TIA! :flowers:
  2. I don't know, good question though! I love the GH, but I love the RH! The RH does seem like its becoming harder to find. Maybe its because the GH is newer & they anticipated it doing so well that they made more of it..... just a thought!
  3. ^^This is what I'm worried about, i.e. they're slowly phasing out the RH bags. It just seems wierd that everywhere I call has plenty of GH but very little RH. :sad:
  4. I have wondered this myself when I see all the GH bags.

    I just wish they would bring back the pewter.
  5. There are more and more GH accessories, at the printemps haussmann b shop in paris, they display most of the time GH coin purses and wallets. but they've got many RH in their stock. so i'd say, it depends on the order of your store.
  6. i pray they don't ever get rid of the RH!! i don't think they will, but maybe there's less of it around because of the price point - more people can afford the RH over the GH/SG. also it seems as if the pre-collection colors usually come out with more of the bigger hardware. that seems to be the case at the Barneys here in Los Angeles.
  7. ^^Me either! I"m really wondering what the deal is now though with the hard-to-find Balenciaga accessories etc. in RH.
  8. I think because they cost less people buy them and then they get sold quickly. Especially in the bright fun colors.
    Ohhh... if they stop making RH I'll stop buying new bags. I'm just not a GH girl.
  9. I think because they cost less people buy them and then they get sold quickly. Especially in the bright fun colors.
    Ohhh... if they stop making RH I'll stop buying new bags. I'm just not a GH girl.
  10. I hope they aren't phasing out RH too. I love RH. I like the look of the GH, but I'm not sure they're "me", and plus I have heard they are heavier. I thought I'd read a thread not too long ago that said they had released (for the current season) the GH accessories first and the RH were still to come? I might be wrong though!
  11. I don't understand why they wouldn't make more reg. hardware bags (and accessories!) since the demand is there - I wonder if they think we'll just buy the GH since the RH isn't available and make a few more hundred dollars on us. Seems lame if that's the case - and doesn't make sense. They have tons of GH bags that are sitting there - and all the RH bags (in the new colors) are GONE.
  12. I think the RH accessories were just released very recently for the SS08 colors. I know they produced the GH accessories and had them in stores in Dec. I bet we'll see the colors pick up shortly when the next wave of hardware hits :tup:
  13. I like RH, it's just more of my style. If Bal doesn't make RH moto bags anymore, I'd no longer be interested in buying the new seasons--I can't see GH on me at all.
  14. I am a little bit anxious about the new hardware. Did I hear Bal will come out the hardware which is dyed to the same color of the leather? I am not sure if I will like it or not. I found myself liking RH better, but I do have several GH and just love them! RH is Bal's classic, and I am praying this still will be their main line.
  15. Besides the inventory at the Balenciaga stores, perhaps it has more to do with what the stores are ordering than with what Balenciaga is producing. That is, maybe the stores are ordering more GH than RH so there is less RH out there?