Thought of you all yesterday!

  1. I was at an event and at my table four out of five women had an LV bag. There was a Vavin, a Cabas Piano, a Solange, and my Saleya. :lol: I got the urge to take a picture of all the bags together but as I didn't know the other ladies I didn't.:shame: I thought it was funny that in a room full of 300 people all the LV's ended up at one table. :biggrin:
  2. Thats funny!! You should have asked, "Do any of you belong to the PF??" lol!!!
  3. :lol: I thought about asking! But I've never seen anyone else on here from Humboldt County, CA. Actually, I've only seen one other person with an LV in this area before yesterday so it was kind of exciting. :flowers:
  4. Cool!! You can start a club there...
  5. Aww.. too cute ! I always get an urge to record LV sightings too, but people would probably look at me strangely !
  6. thats funny. I know what you mean though. Now I notice LVs all day at work but now I can tell (most of the time) which are fakes! I want to look away but can't! I find myself examining them - PF has turned me into a freak!
  7. I was in the Gap the other day and saw a girl with a ceresis speedy. I wanted to ask her soooooo bad, "Have you ever heard of the Purse Forum". But then I thought well, if she hasn't she'll probably think I'm a freak!!!! So, I know what you mean!!!