Thought it was nice so I bought it twice! Pictures>

  1. I just got a red envelope clutch, and love it. SO I decided to see if I could find it in another color. I lucked out in NM Short Hills, I found this purple beauty there!


    And here's the red and the purple together. I think I want an EB clutch next!

  2. Oooooh, me likey! They look so yummy!
  3.'re building up quite an Envelope Clutch collection. Congrats!
  4. wow... so lovely!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. very nice!!
  6. :drool::drool::drool::drool::nuts:
  7. Ooooh! I'm soooo jealous my favorite color (purple).:drool::drool:The red is not so bad as well;).
  8. Oooo! Love the purple! You deffo need the EB! :yes:
  9. oh prettY! love them, congrats!!
  10. gorgeous! congrats!
  11. Wow very nice. great colors
  12. OK, I like the violet even better! The leather looks amazing. Congrats!
  13. beautiful
  14. Beautiful! Congrats!
  15. Those are so nice, I'd love to see them modeled! Congrats!