Thought I'd share some more pictures of recent purchases!

  1. Bought the turtle and bag keychains at the boutique and the mini skinny (color is "mist"), bee wristlet, keychain and ponytail scarf at the outlet. almost had a heart attack when i saw them. i was so happy! they had lots of different types of bags too, but i needed to be reasonable!
    pictures 006small.jpg pictures 009small.jpg
  2. Adorable!! I love the blue mini skinny - that is one of my favorite colors!!

    Great stuff!! I think you like blue too... ;)
  3. ahhhh its sooo cute!
  4. yah i am definitely a blue freak!
  5. So pretty. I love it all. That wristlet is too cute!!
  6. Love the scarf and bee print! So cute!!!!
  7. OMG love the bee stuff!!
  8. the keychains!!
  9. TOOOO CUTE!!!!!!!!:p
    I saw the bee stuff, too, at the outlet last week. How much was the wristlet???
  10. The turtle and bee are so cute. Love your wristlets and scarf too.
  11. thanks all!

    purse-o-nality: the wristlet was $59 (marked down from $98!!)
  12. WOW! Awesome! Thanks....will definitely have to check those out when I return my outlet stuff this week!!!
  13. Everything is so cute *-* !!
  14. That ponytail scarf is SO cute! And the key fobs!
  15. Very nice stuff!
    I'm liking the scarf.