Thought I'd share photos of my collection... COME SEE

  1. HI, I have to admit that I love and have a lot of other top designer bags but I dare to list any of them other than Coach here, lol!!!
    My Coach sunglasses missed the Group shot and are pretty upset over it :roflmfao:



  2. That's a nice collection you've got there! I would love to see more close-ups of your bags and legacy accessories!
  3. Great collection. Love the legacy collection.

  4. Here ya go, ENJOY!!! I am after a bag to go with them, I am using my Balenciaga right now

  5. Thank you :smile:
  6. Love the poppy pieces that you have!! Looks like you love khaki too!!

    Thanks for sharing!!
  7. Love your poppy collection! Very nice bags!!
  8. Wow, gorgeous, love the Legacy wristlet and the watch!
  9. Very nice! You must really like the khaki signature! I like everything!
  10. YES , Love the Sig. collection but am now starting to love love their leather bags and am looking for one that will suit me best. I am also lusting after the Legacy stripe tote but worry about it being too much with my wallet and wristlet... not sure about that yet. Thanks so Much!!! :smile:
  11. I love your watch!! I hope to have a COACH watch someday... Great collection!!
  12. Love the pop of color the poppy collection adds!!
  13. Thanks every one. My mom and I are going to COACH this coming WED so its no telling what I amy bring home. OH NO, here I go.

  14. Love your Sig. Bags! I see we have the same Poppy bag. I love the Poppy collection and this is one of my favorite Coach(Poppy Duffle) bags as of right now.
  15. ooooooh! Beautiul pieces you have there. Very colorful!:drool: