Thought I'd share my Oscar party dish...

  1. (I hope this is the right forum) Just thought I'd share! A friend threw an Oscar (viewing) party tonight, and we had a potluck where you had to bring a dish that was somehow related to a nominated film/actor/person.

    I brought "Devil food cake Wears Prada" cupcakes, and extended it out to other luxury brands... I think it could've turned out better, but the decorating frosting was a bit runny in the beginning... :smile: Hope this is allowed on PF even though they're not authentic! ;)


    Did anyone else have an Oscar potluck and did something similar?
  2. What a cute idea. Thanks for sharing.
  3. You are so adorable!
  4. Cute idea! I love cupcakes..
  5. Those are adorable! How fun!
  6. how cute! I want some now!
  7. Those are not only adorable but look soooo scrumptious!!!!
  8. hahaha! that's ADORABLE!!!! yummmm!

    Now I'm trying to identify the brands, LOL!
  9. Thanks for the compliments, everyone! :smile:

    Yes, see if you can id the brands... I think I might've done one wrong... see if you can find the wrong one! HA!