Thought I'd share my lil' collection....

  1. Here are some of my bags. Fun fact--I've had my French Co. speedy for 20 years! My parents bought it for me as a sweet sixteen present :heart:
  2. love your marc jacob bags!
  3. Do you use your speedy much and do you still love it after 20 years? it looks like it is in good condition...
  4. How classic a Speedy really is! Lovely collection, thanks for sharing!
  5. good collection you got there..
  6. gucci gal--I do use the speedy still! I had to have to zipper replaced a few years ago by LV but other than that it's amazing that it's in such great shape considering I've had it since I was a teen.
  7. Lovely ! I really like the LAMB wristlet, so cute !
  8. Very nice collection!!! I LOVE the story behind the speedy!:love:
  9. thanks for sharing!

    what is the gray bag in the back? it looks sooo cute.
  10. That is a cute story about your speedy. :smile: nice collection!
  11. Is that an Anna Corinna bag I see? I love the color!

    What a nice collection...thanks for sharing!
  12. What a lovely collection!! The black MJ bag looks stunning. :nuts:
    Thank you for sharing. :flowers:

  13. definitely looks like an Anna Corinna bag. I love that bag in the slate color!
  14. I checked it out and I think you are right!

    It is a beautiful bag. I wish I could see it in person, any idea on where it is sold IRL?

  15. love ur speeeeedy
    thanx for sharing