Thought I'd let everyone know my GF's reaction to her new MJ Multi-Pocket Handbag!

  1. First of all, let me thank everyone for their input once again - it was invaluable. You were all so very nice and so very helpful. I had done as much research as I could on my own before visiting your forums, but was still incredibly uncertain as to which style bag I should get my girlfriend for her birthday. After all of your suggestions and thoughtful responses I returned to the stores, confident that I wanted to get her a white bag and one that was large and hobo-esc, but with structure and pockets. I was also pretty sure that I wanted to get her a Marc Jacobs. This made my search much, much easier.

    Last night, I took my girlfriend out to dinner, the very large Marc Jacobs box out of site having been delivered before we arrived so that she wouldn't see it. When the waiter brought her desert at the end of the meal he also brought the Marc Jacobs box, at my request, and a look of shock covered my gf's face. I believe the first words out of her mouth were "Oh my god. You didn't. I'm so angry with you right now.'s...oh my god....this is too much. What did you do? Too didn't have to get anything for me and angry...I" She just sort of babbled at me in shock and I just smiled and handed her two birthday cards to read before she opened the box.

    To make a long story short, she opened the box and had the BIGGEST smile I've ever seen; smile and complete surpise. Her expression was priceless and that single instant made the time and effort I had spent selecting her bag completely worth it.

    She loves it! It's her first Marc Jacobs bag and I hadn't reaized it but apparently she's been wanting an MJ bag for awhile and was looking at this one in particular. She also loves the white. I told her we could go back to the store and get another one or another color if she decided that this wasn't what she wanted, but she said it was perfect in every way and that she wanted to keep it. The rest of the night she kept talking about it, about how much she loved it and about how it was her new "baby". I think she even considered taking it to bed :P She was very cute today, not wanting to let it out of her sight and keeping it in her chair so it didn't touch the ground.

    So, thank you all again - it was a HUGE success!! Her reaction and appreciation were well beyond my expectation and the best part is, I rather enjoyed the process of selecting it for her. I will definetly be buying her more bags in the future ;)

    Thanks again ladies and much happiness with all of your beautiful bags! :biggrin:

    P.S. Any tips on how to take care of a white bag? She's paranoid it will get dirty.
  2. Wow! What a happy ending to a very happy story. So glad she liked it. Heres to a really GREAT GUY! Any time you need help, you know where to find us!
  3. What a happy ending to your story!! You're such a great bf to do all of this research for her & then go out and get the bag.. that really shows a lot of thought and dedication! I wish you two all the best! :biggrin:
  4. What a beautiful story! I am so glad she likes her new bag! And the way it was presented to her is just amazingly thoughtful and romantic! I am sure she will enjoy using it and will have nothing but loving thoughts of you when she does!

    I'm quite sure that you too are perfect in every way and she wants to keep you as well! Congrats!
  5. Oh I'd give you a big hug right now if I could! You are truly priceless and very lucky to have you! Congrats on a job well done and I'm sure your gf is definitely pleased!!!! :P :P

    As far as care, I guess just have her be careful w/ setting it down anywhere dirty or questionable. Also, I hear that Mr. Clean Magic Eraser works wonders on leather.

    Feel free to visit anytime you can should the occasion arise like another gift for your gf! :biggrin:
  6. Trust me, she'll remember this gift forever. Bravo!!
  7. Great story! I'm glad it was what she wanted! As for keeping it clean ..... Apple Guard conditioner I've heard works great. You can get it at Burlington Coat Factory or order it online at
  8. Oh what a sweet boyfriend you are!! I'm so happy for you!
  9. Wowow! Glad everything work out so well. ^___^
  10. That's the best story yet! Thanks for sharing. It put a smile on my face:smile:)
  11. That is a lovely story thank you for sharing!
  12. That is so fantastic! She will treasure that bag forever! You are one hell of a bf! You are lucky to have eachother!
  13. Yeah!
  14. Oh WOW, you're one hell of a great bf!! I can only imagine your gf's reaction... Thanks for sharing!

    As for keeping it clean, just like Kat said ^^ use Apple leather care conditioner & maybe the apple garde rain & stain repellant
  15. Ugh! Thats so sweet its grossing me out! JK lol. You need to talk to my BF, you are awesome! What a lucky girl!