Thought I would post my new Tiffany earrings

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  1. I just got them Thursday and also my necklace that I have had.


    and my necklace which I LOVE:heart:

  2. Very cute! Are you going to do some modelling pics?
  3. Lovely, congrats
  4. So pretty! congrats!!!
  5. Ooh lovely - I've got that necklace too, its nice isn't it?
  6. Very cute!
  7. very nice! congrats!
  8. gorgeous!! congrats
  9. oh, i don't know if it's stupid but i get excited when people get tiffanys! i love all of tiffanys stuff! that necklace is a beauty and a must have. the earrings have a very cute matching bracelet. i think also a necklace that somebody from this forum bought and modeled...i forgot her name....but i'm sure you've seen it if you browsed around
  10. That was me! Here's the matching necklace...

    I love this necklace! I think you need it :graucho:
  11. I think so too :smile:
  12. Very nice!!
  13. oo yaay! cingrats!! cute earrings..i have that necklace too!! i'm happy for anyone who gets Tiffany's cause i love it so much! :smile::tup:
  14. cute!! the necklace also looks great on you...congrats :smile:
  15. Your earrings are so lovely!! Very pretty!!