Thought I was done...nah!!!!!!!!!!!! I want this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  1. I want this bag!!!

    BUT do not want to pay the price on ebay! I rould love to find it at the outlet...I called them and they "said" they don't have it...may need to go there.
  2. I bought that at the Sawgrass Mills Outlet near Ft. Lauderdale, FL last month when we were on our anniversary vacation. I ended up using it all throughout my vacation and cruise. I remember the Dolphin Mall outlet in Miami having it as well at the time.

    It's very lightweight and easy to carry. :tup:
  3. I was hoping it was light weight! Do you know what the strap drop is on the single strap? Just curious because if it is the same as the sabrina then it will not work. The sabrina hits my hip and knocks the bag off my shoulder... Makes me sad cause I love the look of the sabrina too! I was concerned this one might be the same.
  4. I have her and LOVE her!
  5. Drop on shoulder strap is approx. 10.5". It really hits perfectly for me. You shouldn't have any issues with it hitting your hip.

    Drop on handle straps are about 5.25" in case you were wondering on those.
  6. The other thing I like about it is the handle straps lie flush against the bag when you use the shoulder strap. They don't stick up or at an awkward angle like some of the bags with 3 straps.
  7. I have always loved that one the blue too! Good luck!
  8. I have this bag and it is soooo nice...even my doctor complimented it. I got during a past PCE but it was showing up in the outlets more frequently about a month ago....though someone recently snaggged one for a steal. Highly recommend even if you do have to pay ebay price. One of the few bags I snipped the tags off of THAT DAY. Also I don't find it heavy...and heavy is always a deal breaker for me
  9. I have that bag in the blue and I love it. I highly recommend it!
  10. Thanks! That helps alot!

  11. It was your posting that got me interested! It is so pretty! Congrats and you got a great price too!

  12. OHHHHH the blue is gorgeous as well! Lucky girl!
  13. I have this too, and I really love it! I saw one in my outlet just last week, but it was gone this Monday. :sad: So there might be a few still lingering in the outlets. If you have access to an outlet that does charge sends, you should have them search for one in their system.

    Good luck-- hope you find one!
  14. its a cute bag! i love the color. the only thing ive heard thats been an issue with kristin bags is the latch closure coming loose