Thought I was content until.........

I purchased the Speedy B DE 30 back in November and have been so satisfied with this bag that I thought my "addiction" had started to diminish. I was so content that I hardly was coming on PF because I thought to myself "this is it-this is the bag." Out of all my LV's I have used the Speedy for months straight without switching to another bag. Unheard of in my world! LOL Then I saw a Watercolour Papillon and the "I have to have this bag" feeling took over. I never liked the look of the papillon in the past and I am totally a shoulder bag kinda gal. I am really LoVing this bag and my Speedy is getting a much needed rest. :smile:


Sep 3, 2008
The Lone Star State.
Ooh I love it. I want one for my collection too (sometime in the far away future...who am I kidding, I want everything in the far away future lol), but I don't know how I would carry it. Do you have modeling pics?