Thought Getting a New Bag Was Going to be Easy? (long post)

  1. Only to have to end up changing everything around to accommodate? :wtf:

    I could have just changed my mind and returned it, but noooo I had to fall in love and figure out a way to make my holy grail a holy grail!!!

    So the story goes...Rather than continue carrying around a generic laptop bag AND a bbag or use a stiff yucky tote and leaving all my beautiful bags at home during the work week, I decided I HAD to figure out a way to carry only one bag - that could hold a laptop and was stylish, functional, and a FABULOUS purse at the same time!

    I always had my eye on the Fergie GGH Work bag :heart:and always thought the laptop would be too heavy and sag the bottom. Well I decided to try it, then one thing led to another, a little buyers remorse set-in with the bag being plomb but labled black, should go back to my old tote plus handbag, yadayadaya...anyway I finally :heart:love :heart:her and here are all the things I had to do to make this WORK!

    1) Settle on the fact that my SS07 Black bag isn't really all that black and lighter blue black looks better than black! - ok done:tup:

    2) Figure out a way to actually use the bag while it is on my arm/shoulder!!! These zippers are two handed my friends! Solution: Use a flat pouch in the front pocket to hold all the little things not used often and a new LV pochette inside the bag (inside its dustbag of course) as a larger catchall within arms reach for phone, bluetooth, keys and double as a grab n go bag when big bag is too cumbersome (like at lunch with guys who don't understand the need for extra chair).

    3) Had to undo my wallet :wtf:and got an LV Keyholder to carry credit card and drivers license and keys just so I can clip it to the outside of bag. Smaller grab and go like at the rest stop when you are travelling. Then had to get a smaller agenda that doesn't fall over and distort the bag and to hold all those other cards my old wallet used to carry - for now I am going to use an old one but that is my next pursuit!

    4) Put all receipts into the inside pocket, because they used to be in my larger agenda that got downsized!!!

    Can you freakin' believe what I had to do just to carry a bag! I hope I can actually take notes in a smaller agenda! :sweatdrop: LOLOLOL
  2. ... but you sure look great carrying your work! :rolleyes: I know what you mean... it annoys me that the zippers are two handed but I guess most bags have something that we would change.
  3. I hear ya, Bbag sister! The things we do for the LOVE of a bag, yes? It's worth it though, because we adore our bags and we look SOO great carrying them! Besides, it sounds like you got tons of awesome new accessories in the process! That's always a plus for me!! :yahoo:And you DO look so beautiful and chic rockin' that Work!
  4. Woweee that's workin it girl.... now your set and :rochard:it at work with your bbag...:supacool:
  5. Oooohhhh that is such a great idea :idea:

    I've always wanted a bbag bigger than my Cities that can fit my laptop but I dunno how to fit and put together all my other stuff (make-up case; cellphone; medium agenda; wallet; etc.)

    Now I think I need a Work :graucho:

    And... Since I decided to go back to the gym... I can also use a Work bbag to carry gym essentials (That is - when I am not carrying my laptop with me)... Right? :p

  6. you definitely NEED a work !:graucho: i carried my gym stuff in my new magenta work just yesterday and all fitted perfectly - had my gym gear, swim gear, the usual wallet/keys rubbish and a bottle of drink.
  7. You could take the laptop out and put the clothes in - that would WORK! And it would lighten the load tremendously!