Thought all you animal lovers might want to see my sons ZOO

  1. Northwestwildlifepark

    Ever since he was a child he loved animals & started collecting very young.
    He developed an interest in conservation & has many rescued animals like the adorable Artic fox rescued from a fur farm.:tender:
    He is hoping now to find a site to expand & develop a Conservation Centre where he is hoping to breed endangered species & release back into the wild.:yes:

    He just got his website up & running so thought i would share with you.
    The monkey on his shoulder is hand reared & a real hoot! :nuts: :yahoo:
  2. aww! How can you not love a boy all about conservation!!:heart::heart:

    I shall bookmark his website. If I lived in Europe I would volunteer for sure. He kinda has my dream job.:love:

    You must be really proud!
  3. Really proud Danica yes :heart: thanks, enjoy!
    They say "Make your passion your profession & you will never work a day in your life" Very true!!!
  4. What an awesome guy your son is! Kudos to him!
  5. Your son is doing an wonderful thing-you did a really good job raising him!
  6. You have a wonderful son--what a wonderful thing he's doing. thanks for sharing. I wish him and the animals all the good luck in the world!
  7. Thanks Vanessa, Blew & Boxermom, I so hope he makes it.
    It won't be easy getting about 50 acres. With the price of land, most is being bought up by big developers it seems an impossible task but I tell him "Where there's a will there's a way" It would be a huge tourist attraction so he is hoping the local councils will do something!
  8. How exciting! I cross my fingers for him to get some land soon :smile:
  9. Thanks, it is so exciting for him to be just starting out on a major life project!
  10. That is so great! I've always wanted to do something like that. I wish him the best of luck!

    P.S. He's a cutie. ;)
  11. Wow you have a great son!! That is really amazing what he is doing, hope he finds the 50 acres.
  12. Thanks Animal & VB :smile:

    Ha ha Animal spot the cutie, him or the monkey? :yahoo:
  13. You must be an awesome Mom to have a son like that! What a wonderful thing he is doing!!!
  14. Good job!!! They make a great team. :smile:
  15. That is so wonderful! I wish him lots of success!