thoughs on this pocket calendar?

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  1. i like the price.
  2. Cute, but I would like to see pics of the pages.
  3. ^^ i agree
  4. ^^I ordered it, so I'll take pics for you!
  5. Yea, I would really love to see the interior. It's looking awful plain for 38 bucks. I could get you one of those from the bank for free.
  6. Oh I love it! Might be a great gift for mom who needs a little calendar to keep her on top of things.
  7. I think it's very plain, i would love to see the inside. But the price is great.
  8. Yes its rather plain isn't it? I ordered it with the 25% off to check it out. But maybe it should go back as soon as I get it.
  9. I agree with the other ladies, its extremely plain and boring! looks like one of those little diaries that you can pick up from CVS for a couple of bucks!
  10. ^^if its too plain I think I shall exchange it for a skinny!
  11. YES! one can never have too many skinnies...
  12. ^^I don't have one at this point can you believe it! I use this, but the leather is so thick, and the lock, I can only fit CCs and cash. But I love it to death still. But all in all it would be nice to have the option again of poping my cell inside with a CC sticking out.

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  13. Very cute skinny!
  14. oh aarti! you HAVE to have a skinny. seriously. it's so handy and mine gets beat up all the time and still looks great!