"Thou shalt not use the name of Chanel in vain"

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  1. Chanel took out an ad in WWD to explain how the word/trademark Chanel should be used:

    “A note of information and entreaty to fashion editors, advertisers, copywriters and other well-intentioned mis-users of our Chanel name:
    Chanel was a designer, an extraordinary woman who made a timeless contribution to fashion. Chanel is a perfume. Chanel is modern elegance in couture, ready-to-wear, accessories, watches and fine jewelry. Chanel is our registered trademark for fragrance, cosmetics, clothing, accessories and other lovely things. Although our style is justly famous, a jacket is not ‘a Chanel jacket’ unless it is ours, and somebody else’s cardigans are not ‘Chanel for now.’ And even if we are flattered by such tributes to our fame as ‘Chanel-issime, Chanel-ed, Chanels, and Chanel-ized’, PLEASE DON’T. Our lawyers positively detest them. We take our trademark seriously.
    Chanel, Inc.”

  2. Wow, okay. This along with the price increases sounds like they are really on a mission to put or should I say keep Chanel as one of the most elite brands in the world. Note to Chanel stop using only young starlets with a target audiance of teenagers (Lily Allen, Blake Lively, etc.), to promote and wear your brand. All that's doing is making teeny boppers go out and buy Chanel real or fake making your brand look less elite.
  3. I've been reading these ads in WWD for years, so it's not a new development in particular. I always found the wording to be amusing.

    Thanks for reminding me!

  4. Right, this is not new. Chanel has been doing this for a long time.
  5. Thanks for posting the articles! Very interesting.
  6. "I asked Anne about writing something like: “Designer X showed a collection of jackets that looked a lot like Chanel’s 2004 collection.” She said that even that is a gray area. Like Kleenex and Xerox, Chanel is trying to prevent their name from becoming generic."

    Positively ridiculous. This kind of mentality is a huge turn-off to me. As stated in the article, Chanel designs have become iconic. To have to worry about comparing something to them is ridiculous. There is not a fine line between calling a non-Chanel item Chanel and saying something is of similar style to Chanel. They need to go after the problem itself (manufacturing and sales of fakes) and not print these pompous ads that put fashion-savy people in a bad position for simply recognizing a similarity in style (though I don't think mass produced/marketed items ahould be allowed to be labeled in this way).
  7. I hate when someone says "Chanel jacket" and they mean Chanel-inspired.

    And one can only use Chanel in vain après a price increase.
  8. Wow! A little stuck up much!
  9. A little ridiculous to be honest. *shrugs*
  10. This.