Those with Yen and Credit Card holder or PVO...

  1. how do you like it?

    after struggling with a lavender vernis ludlow for a year, well, almost a year, I decided that I need a grown-up wallet.

    I'm tired of folding up the bills to fit in the coin slot and struggling to get my credit cards out of their slots. :hysteric:

    I'm thinking of the EPI yen and credit card holder or PVO. How do you like it? I love the fact that the YC&CH or PVO do not come with a coin slot, as I like my wallets nice and slim. :yes:

    For those who don't use the YC&CH or PVO, what kind of long wallet do you use? (doesn't have to be LV)
  2. i love long wallets, and need one w/ tons of cc space for my ccs and mbrship cards etc. Just got my Damier Brazza recently-my dream wallet, have everything i want:yahoo: ! it does have a zipped compartment for coins, but i use it for lip gloss type of things ^^;
    Binside.JPG Bleft.JPG Bright.JPG
  3. If only LV made the Brazza wallet with red interior,
  4. love your water makers.
    Is this wallet aval on elux ? Its awesome, i love the hoz c/c slots . :smile:
  5. Wentworth-Roth~oh, like the interior of Damier Koala agenda!?:nuts: That'd be uber cute! but i am just happy for LV to finally update their wallet designs, wish they can do the same for key holders.....

    Bag fetish~it's not available on Elux yet, not a popular wallet,yet, b/c it's a farily new design that came out not long ago. the price is 435 in case anyone is wondering.:idea:
  6. oh i'm looking for a damier wallet, this one is really nice with all the sections for different things...if you don't mind me asking..what is the price on this one? thanks for sharing's lovely
  7. oh, i see we posted at the same time..thanks for the info

  8. but this is something i could ask for within any lv store .. ?
    I just located it on the vuitton site .. I've never sieen this wallet before.

    O/T how /what are you using for your water marks?
  9. yup, i pick this wallet up as V-day gift to myself when i was suppose to shop for BF's V-day gift:sweatdrop: . Finally figured out why i can't use water mark-i don't have photoshop and the program i have don't have water mark function:cursing: It's call Corel Snapfish Plus, pre load in my laptop. i call them water mark stamps:p
  10. ^^ very cute.

    thanks for that info, i'll write that name down and check it out when i'm at LV again.
  11. I was actually about to buy one today, but I saw the Pomme Cles and got IT! but I really do like them especially in epi and damier!

  12. Thanks for the pics! I went to the boutique yesterday and picked up the epi pocket agenda! :heart: I was shown the Brazza (it looks the same as your pics) and it IS slim and nice - I would have snatched it if not for the coin slot. Thanks for sharing!
  13. Wow - it looks practical and looks like it can hold alot of stuff :yes: Nice!