1. For those of you have either of these white bags, how are they holding up for you ?
    I want a white bag and am at a loss for which one to pick. I already have 2 classic chanels with another on the way. I don't have to many trendy bags, so I am thinking toward the White Diamond Stitch tote..
    I just seen the White GST in real life and it was GORGEOUS. I have not a chance to see the diamond stitch, but I have the option of ordering it..
    Ladies please help. I am sure the GST will be easier to keep clean because of the CAVIAR. How is the leather on the DIAMOND STITCH
  2. If I'm not mistaken, I think the diamond stich bags are also made of caviar leather. I saw both the white and black in person and they seemed pretty sturdy to me. I think both of the bags would be easy to take care of as long as you don't abuse it too much. I personally like the GST better because the diamond stitch can feel a little bulky under your arm. Are you deciding between the small diamond stitch and the GST or the large diamond stitch and the GST?
  3. diamond stitch.

    i've seen both irl, and the diamond stitch (large) seems more functional as well as less common. i see a zillion gst's around.
  4. well i just called Neimans and they only ordered the DS tote in medium in white- so I am getting that one..Bought it today and getting it sent on to me..
    Is the medium really much smaller than the bigger one ?
    I don't want a small small bag.. I will check the reference section
  5. thanks girls-
    does anyone have a pic with the small diamond on ?
  6. This is my white diamond stitch doesn't even get dirty, and I use it a lot!!!!!

    It's not caviar leather, but it definetly has some texture to it. It's not a bright pure white, it's more like a white with grey undertones. It goes with everything!!

  7. LambLovesChanel - I just LOVE your bags:drool:
  8. DS is grained calfskin. I have it in black. It is very durable.