Those with the TPF charm and accessories

  1. Are your other accessories feeling neglected since the arrival of the TPF charm? I find that since It's arrival, I only use the charm. I don't even use my other keychains or accessories anymore. When I try to, it looks cluttered so I opt for the TPF charm instead. Am I the only one?
  2. :yes: It's sooo cute... I find mine makes a "twinkle" sound since I hang it off the tab of my speedy next to the lock.

    Reminds me of TinkerBell (thus twinkle.tink, thus Mary)

    No more accessories for a while... The tPF charm is too cute. :girlsigh:
  3. I admit the bag that I have been carrying the most has the TPF charm on it. It is just too pretty not to have on a bag!
  4. i attached the charm w/leather cord and loop through the zipper pull of my speedy, so i can hang cles by the handle :idea:
  5. I just love this charm. Thanks Tink!
  6. Hehe I keep mine on my keys right now, I love it!
  7. Thanks so much you 'guys' make addressing all those envelopes worth while! :shame:
  8. I have two, I carry one in my bag and the other in my handluggage whenever travelling (which is, almost every week!!) :yes: I think the TPF charms are so cute!!!
  9. Not at all, I dont use my panda so it doesnt matter :smile:
    I have a few cheapo charms for my bags but they dont mind. I just move my purse forum charm from bag to bag.. even my non lv's :smile:
  10. I have it on my keys, not on a bag. This way I have it w/ me all the time, I love it.
  11. Definitely! My bf purchased me a cute heart coach charm that I really wanted, and I used to use it on my speedy all the time. Now I have my tPF carm on my speedy and the heart charm is packed away in my jewelry box. I love the tPF charm so much!!!
  12. cool idea :smile:

    i'll try this one, so i dont have to alternate with my tpf charm and panda cles :p
  13. Is TPF charm available somewhere on this site? Or has a member made these available for users to purchase? I would luv to see one and probably buy one or two.
  14. Look on the General Discussion board to see if twinkle.tink is still taking orders. She had sent out a ton of them last time I checked and was winding down. It is the cutest thing...looks even better IRL. I LOVE mine soo much. And yes, the others have taken a back seat to The Purse Forum charms. :smile: Thanks again, Twinkle!!
  15. mine does this too, and now I will think this whenever I hear it :lol: