Those with the Patent Heloise

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  1. Do you find that your handles kind of stick to the bag when they are touching it? Is this normal? I bought a black patent Heloise off ebay & I did post pics in the authenticate this thread, but I wanted to ask those of you who own this bag if that happens to yours.

    Also, would you consider the black patent to be a year round bag? Thanks for your thoughts.;)
  2. I have the bordeoux colour and I didn't notice that they stick....I think black is classis and definitley year round...
  3. I have light sticking on mind but nothing serious. I think its because of the patent.
    Black is definitely year around!! I have the Bordeaux and I can guarantee it will be an all year bag for
  4. Yeah mine is just light sticking as well and I figured it was probably the patent. Thanks for letting me know about yours.:flowers:
  5. I think that's characteristic of patent. It has a bit of sticky quality when patent touches patent.
  6. No problem;)!!! By the way, I seen pics of your Heli in the Authenti. thread and she's a beauty, congrats:tup:.

  7. Thank you! I plan on taking her out tomorrow!!
  8. Sorry double post!
  9. I have a a Patent Heloise as well and my handles stick slightly when touching the bag. I carry my bag EVERYWHERE...i love it!!! Lots of pockets, perfect size. Mine is the color Anthracite (gray) and it goes with most outfits.
  10. Year round color. Get some great patent flip flops!