Those with the MC Speedy

  1. After seeing some tPF'rs get this bag, I'm kind of wanting it!:push:. But my question for you all that own it is, do you have in black, white, or both? And which would u recommend getting?

    BUT also I just cringe at spending $2000 on a bag seeing as how I have to work 2 jobs to survive anyways.. but hey then again I guess there's always eBay.. What do you all think? TiA all :heart: you !
  2. I would say it depends on if you want to sue it all the time ? Prefer summer or winter and where you live.

    If you're looking for a spring summer bag and live in a cold climate then go for white. if you want a winter bag then go for black.

    If you're in a warm climate would could use your white all year around.. so it all depends on what you're looking for.

    I have a white mc speedy that i use it for summer weather and a black mc alma that is for winter :smile:
  3. i have it in white. i dont carry it alot, its very heavy and i dont like how constructed it is. i much prefer my regular speedy. NOt that im saying its not a great bag but if you dont have an extra 2000 to burn, i would say the regular speedy 30 is just as good...JMO

    PS what i mean by constructed is that it seems more firm and less soft than the regular speedy, i dont think im explaining very well but hopefully you know what i mean.
  4. I have the speedy in both black and white. By far my favorite LV purchases. If you feel bad about the retail price tag, then check eBay as you should be able to get a mint condition one for way less than retail.
  5. haha i do. i dont have an extra 2000 to burn but i want it :yes: lol
  6. black!
  7. I prefer the black over the white and don't see anything wrong with carrying it year round. I don't own one....yet.....but I have heard that it can get kinda heavy. And yes, the $2k is a killer....check eBay.
  8. I have the MC Speedy in black and white. I prefer the white only because I'm growing away from black MC and don't like it as much anymore :sad:
  9. I have the black one, I loved the idea of it soo much before I actually got it, but now that I have it, its soo heavy, and flashy I wear it on special occasions, but not to go shopping.
  10. I see. Well I live in STL too so we get every season yearly... But I'm leaning more towards the white cuz its so bright and happy looking. lol if that makes sense. well it does to me.
  11. Does anyone have pics? :search:
  12. here is my white MC speedy
    [​IMG] click to enlarge picture. [​IMG]
  13. I bought the White MC a while ago. I thought I would tire of it. I think it's a favourite of mine. I thought about doing black but decided I have too much of that colour.
  14. I like MC anything in WHITE (cuz I like the BLACK LV which is ONLY found on the WHITE MC :biggrin:)
  15. i have the white and love that one a bit more than the black one
    i have wanted this purse for YEARS! finally decided to save up
    it did help that my BF gave me a 200 gift cheque and my grandmother gave me 250 euro for HER birthday ;)
    saving up sucks but it is soooooo worth it!!
    maybe you can sell some old clothing/shoes/purses that you don't use on ebay or something and use that money to fund your purse!
    that is how i did it! birthday money, money from selling stuff, 50% of my paycheck everymonth and extra money that i got

    Good luck!
    Buy buy buyyy!!! ;)