Those with the Damier Sayela PM.....

  1. a question....

    Does this bag fit on your shoulder? How do you carry it? If you have a pic with it on your shoulder could you post it here? Thanks for the info!!
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  3. I have the Azur...and it fits fine, even with a fleece or jacket. I am also pretty small though, I'm 5'. When I bought it the SA mentioned that they made the straps longer but I don't know if that is just for the Azur or the regular Damier too.
  4. i'm 5'3" and i don't think im overweight at all :graucho: but when i tried the saleya pm last was rather tight around at the armpit area...
  5. I tried on the pm and I did find it pretty small (in size and fit). I am 5'9" so the pm looked sooo teeny on me. The mm fit perfectly, so it's mah new luvah...
  6. I think its only the MM that can fit on the shoulder :smile:
  7. I agree! I'm 5'9 and the pm was so tiny. The mm was a little tight on me with a coat on, but fine without.
  8. Thanks guys! I know they made the Azur handles longer to fit better on the shoulder. I am looking at the regular damier though, I am small too so I guess I'll just have to try it on at the store. Thanks!
  9. here's one of's nice to be able to put it on your shoulder in a pinch. I can carry it this way and often do but would not be able to with a winter coat. :yes:
  10. I'm 5' 5.5", medium build, and my saleya PM does not fit on my shoulder. I mean, it would be uncomfortable to carry that way for more than a few seconds at time -- for example if I were wrapping my arms around a big package or something, I could push it up to my shoulder temporarily. But I def. wouldn't walk around with it like that!
  11. I am 5' 1" and petite and I wear my PM on my shoulder for brief periods. But then I also do not mind it at all as a handheld bag.
  12. I think if you look at the vuitton and the elux site - they give two different descriptions which I found to be quite helpful. The websites say that the PM is meant to be a handheld. The MM is more for "work", and the GM is definitely a shoulder bag and one of the sites (elux or vuitton - can't remembe which) says the GM can also be used as an overnighter! The bottom of the GM is really wide so I can see why!
  13. Thanks Heather, great pic!! Well, I wish those handles could have been a little longer, but who knows, maybe it will fit on me. It is such a cute bag!
  14. I returned my saleya mm that my husband bought for me because I could not carry it comfortably on my shoulder. I don't have small arms, so maybe it's just me. the mm is a little large to be a handheld, so it just looked silly on me.:upsidedown:
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