Those with the Chocolate Carlys......

  1. Now that you've had them a few weeks how are they with getting dirty? What are your thoughts???? I'm still debating on whether to get one or not and my main road block is that I'm afraid she will get dirty so easily.

    Can anyone with one reassure me?
  2. I just bought a large carly on Saturday and haven't used it yet. I have sprayed it with 2 coats of scotch guard and am planning to use it tomorrow. The store was out of the wallets, and I'm glad. I saw one last night and it was filthy. I can't imagine using it each day and it not getting dirty, even with a coat or 2 of scotch guard. My theory is that the bag is carried and not neccessarly "handled" the way a wallet or wristlet would be, so that was my rationalization for purchasing it. We'll see!;)