Those with teenage girls, how do we survive?

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  1. I need support....:nuts:

    I am currently going through the all dreded " teenage years " with my daughter. At times, I think that she is the most wonderful, beautiful, the best thing that has come into my life.

    Then there are other times, when I think that she trying to drive me to drink,:drinks: so that I can be passed out all day and she can act a fool!! Ahhhhh!!!!!

    So, if there is anyone who is going through this hell, or better; if you survived it with your sanity in tact, please share!!
  2. does she actually drive you to drink...?
  3. ^LOL!Thats just a term we use when our kids drive us nuts!!!

    Teens can b evil!!!LMAO!I have a 13 yr old girl......and she can truly b awful at times!!!!
  4. Wow, I am kind of feeling this now. I don't know how I am going to survive the teenage years..
  5. ^^Lordy put on your ear muffs. I got a lot of "I hate you, you're so mean!!! Then 5 minutes later she needed something and would come out of her possessed state...I 've decided that aliens take over our girls at age 12 or 13 then return them later. I have friends who have teenage girls and let me tell it is not pleasant for them... Drinking does not help (I don't drink). I think I got some some of my daughter back when she turned 21...
  6. im not looking forward to the teenage years with any of mine...i have 2 boys and a girl.
    i guess my only thoughts and hopes are to have an open and honest relationship with them. they may not always like what i have to say or what they have to do, but the family has to function....oh dear lord i hope i am able to handle them...:Push:
  7. My daughters 12, soon to be 13. So far nothing terrible. I have noticed she now loves rockbands and the singers, lol I worry though because she's already starting "i feel fat" stuff and I don't think she should be thinking of that stuff yet.
  8. My dad is hoping that my baby is a girl so that I'll have to deal with a teen girl one day! lol... I was a terror (and so was my sister) so he's hoping for some "revenge." My sister has a daughter so we'll see!

    Honestly, there's not much you can do for a lot of it. I was so bullheaded and wanted the freedom of an adult and just didn't understand WHY my parents didn't treat me like one (duh). Unfortunately I didn't always pick the best people to associate with but felt like my parents couldn't decide who I hung out with. Luckily I grew out of it around 16 or so and the end of high school was pretty easy for my parents because we got along great.

    Teen girls can be crazy! So much drama and emotions can run very high. I laugh when I think about how irrational I was. I thought my parents were out to make me miserable and just didn't see that the boundaries they set for me were for my own good and because they loved me.

    Funny how some of them coast through just fine, though, with relatively little trouble and give their parents very little grief.
  9. Boundaries! I think most teens are total pains b/c they constantly test your boundries. If you establish them and hold firm, hopefully she will eventually learn to accept them. It won't be easy, but your daughter will learn later in life to set her own boundaries.

    The kids that are most out of control have no boundaries and no consequences. They carry that with them into their adult life.

    Best of luck! She won't appreciate it until she starts paying her own rent, but then a light bulb goes off and they say wow, my family worked really hard for me and feel gratitude. Its a long time to wait for appreciation...

    I am so excited to be having a girl, but DREADING the teenage years! Teenagers (myself included back then) are so self absorbed!!
  10. I don't have any kids but my teen years aren't that far behind me but I really think as long as parents stand their ground the teen years should be fine. So long as you demanded respect from an early age, instilled good morals and work ethics in them you should be fine.

    I always cringe when I hear of teenagers who yelled at their parents/snuck out to party/disobeyed their parents/etc.

    I sincerely think parents fail when that happens - there is no reason for your kids' teenage years to cause to stress if you've been doing good all along.
  11. I have a 5 year old daughter, and I am not looking forward to the teen years! My own mother did everything right, IMO (firm boundaries, high expectations, respect, etc.), and I was still a nightmare when I was that age. I didn't DO anything that got myself in trouble, so I suppose that was my mother's payoff, but I was moody and nasty and not very nice to be around! My mom says it is normal for teen girls and their mothers to have some difficult times, otherwise daughters would never want to leave home! Fortunately, my mom and I get along fine now, and I can only hope to do as well with my own daughter as I think she did with me.
  12. I disagree. My parents taught us me all those things, but the influence of my friends was very strong and I was easily influenced and gave into a lot of peer pressure.

    My parents set boundaries and followed through with them, but I just didn't care. Yes, some of them worked, but a lot of them didn't because I would break rules, sneak around behind their back, etc (and it didn't help that one of my friend's mothers would help... my mom would call her to check before I spent the night at her house and her mom would tell my mom, "oh yes, we'll be home with them," but then her and her husband would leave overnight!). I was respectful to OTHER adults (people that knew me from a young age were/are so surprised to hear what a terror I was!), worked hard, did well at school, etc. My parents weren't push-overs and weren't afraid to discipline me. But some things are outside of your parents' control. You can only do so much and teach your children so much... the outside world will still influence teenagers and the decisions they make. They are their own people and the teen years are when they start to realize it.

    Not only that, but you just can't control your teen daughter's hormones and emotions! Those run wild.
  13. I was a rebellious teen too and and I am teaching teens now. The best way to relate to them is to recall how I was like as a teen and treat them like best friends. Practice mutual respect, always provide opinions but let them make the decisions themselves and they will have to deal with the consequences themselves and compromise on situations if you need to.
  14. I'm midway through, I think! My daughter's 16. And not to discount ANYONE'S input, but there's a big difference between how you think you would or should handle a teenage daughter and what actually happens. I mean, I would love to always respond in the way I know I should and to have this perfect relationship, but.....uh.....she's a teenage girl. They can be.....difficult. Being rational is not a strong suit for a teenage girl. (Anyone ever heard "you ALWAYS.." or "you NEVER...."?

    Honestly, sometimes I just sigh with relief when she retreats into her room and shuts the door. Just *****sigh******done for now******, ya know?

    Hang in there, OP! If you need to vent or just need to feel that you're not the only parent whose child happens to be an alien, I'm here for ya!!!
  15. I fear, F-E-A-R, DRRRRREAD my kids' adolescent years, especially my daughter's. (she's only 5 now) I look forward to reading the responses here so I can learn and store up some info!