Those with RED epi......

  1. Do you find that your bags go with many things in your closet? I'm in love with the Epi Montaigne Sac - I love how the red stands out. :drool: I don't own a lot of red clothing items and I'd hate to spend that much only to have buyers remorse later. Or if you can tell me what colors it DOESN'T go with, that may help me out too. It's a possible 40th birthday present (end of yr) to myself and I need as much input as possible! Thanks!
  2. Red is a pretty hard colour to match (shades) so the fact you don't have a lot of red lends it's self well to this colour I have the pochette it looks great with balck outfits
  3. I love the red EPI.
  4. You can wear red with everything. Just remember it's the one color that is meant to be attention grabber.
  5. I LOVE red epi, and, I love that bag... I think red is neutral, except not with pastels. But, red is awesome with black and grey and blue and brown. To me, red is a neutral, oh, great with white too and black and white stripes, I could go on.... I don't own any red epi, but would certainly love to... actually the red epi alma should be on my want list....
  6. I actually just got rid of a red epi speedy. It looked great with black, blue, gray. Definitely a stand out piece. I just found that there were other bags I would wear more often so I sold it to fund something else.

    Good luck!
  7. I love the red Epi and I think it is my most no.1 Epi color. Black is too plain and boring.

    Red Epi and Red Chanel flap is so stunning!! Why not get it?
  8. I have a red epi Alma. I love it because I think it is very understated and classic. I bought a red epi wallet, too. I use the wallet on a daily basis, but not the bag. I think everyone should own at least one pair of red shoes and a red bag! I think one could wear red epi with just about anything except red clothing. I have a couple of red pieces in my wardrobe, but wouldn't wear a red bag with them.
  9. I agree with other goes with most things; I just don't try to match my Jasmin epi with other reds. It's a wonderful color; it just pops!!!:smile:
  10. the red epi looks fab w/ jeans and a fitted black tee!
  11. I also love red epi. I onw one in Jasmine, Noe, and Alma. And I always find them versatile. If you don't wear many colors in one outfit, I think, you should be ok. :okay:
  12. I love my red Epi Noe.... I wear it w/ a lot of things also!
  13. I love my red and find it goes with alot! I wear it with brown (especially with my cerise mules ;) ), white , denimn, black, blue.

    To me red works with almost anything!
  14. Thanks for all the ideas ladies! For some reason I thought I had to have red in my closet to go with it. Probably the only color you can't wear it with is pink. I love that the Montaigne Sac is handheld and has the strap to wear on the getting 2 handbags in one. :smile:
  15. I love Epi red and ivorie. I have the passy in Red and its stunning. A great bag to perk up any outfit. (of coz, notwithstanding wearing red) hahahha.