Those with Papillon 30

  1. The little accesories case comes with the 30, right? What do you guys use it for??? Change, lipstick, etc? Just curious.
  2. I sold my Pap 30 but when I had it I used the accessory pouch as an evening bag!!
  3. I use it as a pencial & lipstick case.
  4. I use it for small things like tissues, lipstick, mints, gum, barrettes. It's very handy since the Papillon 30 does not have a pocket inside.
  5. Use as toiletries case ;) but one of my friend use it as cocktail purse.
  6. i use it for party and love it. it is so cute.
  7. I also use it as a toiletries case but weirdly enough, I only use it with the Papillon, never by itself!