Those with Mono Vernis wallets (esp Koala), Do you use it everyday?

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  1. How does it hold up compared to mono or damier wallets? I am thinking of getting a Vernis Koala in Pomme D'Amour. I was debatting over a mono or damier Alexandra wallet. Then today I saw someone with a Pomme Koala and it was love at first sight. I just want to make sure it will be a long love affair.;)

    I appreciate any feedback I get. TIA
  2. I owned a Vernis Marhsmallow Ludlow and it was so tiny that i couldnt live with it and i sold it. I got pen all over it and i am so careful with my LV things, and the pen was impossible to get off. It looked like it had soaked right in to the leather. Vernis seems to be like somthing that would wear down every day and pick up dirt like theres no tomorrow.

    Hopefully you will get more helpful answers! hope this helps :smile: x
  3. I am also debating between a vernis koala in pomme d amour or the french purse in pomme. Leaning towards the koala though. Any more thoughts?
  4. Its not a wallet but I have a vernis cles that is attached to my keys and I have been using it since last feb 07. Now issues.
  5. I have been using all vernis SLGs as of late...amarante zippy, pomme cosmetic case and amarante cles and they are all holding up fine!
  6. I have a pomme FP that I've been using since December. No problems with it so far. The leather has a few little dents due to wear and tear because it sits against the other things in my handbag.
  7. I am a BIG fan of vernis. I do not like a lot of the bag styles, so I have mainly accessories. I have a fuschia (ca. 5 years ago) billfold/coin purse that I switched out for the raspberry zippy which I do not use anymore due to release of zippy in pomme d'amour (my favorite color!). I used the fuschia wallet everyday and it held up fine. Don't forget we're talking about LV.
    Also, the vernis items are a great contrast to the monogram and damier bags. Go for it!
  8. I LOVE my Amarante French Purse. I was initially worried about it getting scratched/worn quickly, but it still looks NEW. I've only had it for a few months so I can't tell you how long Vernis items last, but I CAN tell you that it's more care-free than you think.
  9. Vernis owners, anymore input?
  10. I have a beige eldridge.. this wallet is seriously old and has been used to death, and is still going strong !

    My mom also uses a perle PTI, and no issues either ! :yes:
  11. I have a Pomme Cles and a Pomme Rosewood and they both still look perfect. The Pomme Koala is going to be my next purchase.
  12. I have an Amarante agenda - not a wallet but I do use it everyday. It sits in my bag against other things and I don't really baby it. I've had it since Nov/Dec last year (can't really remember). Still looks NEW! I was hesitant about how well Vernis holds up at first and I must say it's doing a great job!
  13. I have a Vernis Ludlow and I use it everyday (have been using everyday for five years). Um -- it holds up well, but it has peeled and bubbled at the point where it folds. I am not surprised or upset, but I think a canvas wallet would hold up better.
  14. I've been using my pomme koala wallet everyday since September. Just a tiny crack where the glazing is, but my SA said that it could be re-glazed free of charge within 2 years.
  15. i like the vernis koala alot.