Those with kids

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  1. Someone I know is about 6 mos pregnant with a boy. I want to get her some cute stuff. I was looking NM and saw some cute Juicy baby stuff. For those with babies, do you like Juicy? If not, what brands do you like?
  2. ^ For the baby boy or mom that is pregnant? I didn't know Juicy made baby clothes?

    You'll probably get better responses in the Parenting section. I think the mods will probably move it.
  3. Yup, they're cute for babies. I didn't know where this should go. If it gets moved, it's cool.
  4. I have a new baby boy (grandson..!)and my fave stuff for him is BABY GAP and Gymboree in all honesty.Some of the Juicy stuff is a bit"girly" for a boy

    ill move this too...
  5. When my son was 6 mos. I loved putting him in Baby Gap and Ralph Lauren.
  6. I like Babygap and Ralph Lauren the best for boys. The Gymboree stuff for boys can be really girly too. If you get something for the summer, I would get the 3-6 month size. Their stuff is really good quality. Another idea is a pair of Robeez, my babies live in those things. They even wear them to bed so their socks don't fall off if they aren't wearing footy pjs.
  7. i like baby gap, janie and jack and ralph lauren for my boy!
  8. Thanks for moving, Jill. :smile: Thanks for the suggests all. I'm going to try to get myself to a baby gap, the local mall has one. I'm also going to look at Robeez.
  9. I used to work at the Gap and they have some of the most adorable and durable clothes for little kids in the Baby Gap. If you stopped in you would be surprised at how adorable all their little clothes are!

    Ralph Lauren makes some really really cute little outfits for babies too. A lot of times you can kind them at TJMaxx. Good luck!
  10. I have a 17mos old dd and I shop at Gymboree, Gap and sometimes at Janie & Jack. HTH :smile:
  11. I luv Baby Gap too! I also buy baby clothes at BabiesRUs... there are A LOT of cute baby clothes and other baby stuffs in that store. I LUV IT THERE! :tup:
  12. I LOVE boutique clothing, but almost no one does baby boys better than Baby Gap.
    I also agree robeez are a great gift and if you want something very special but useful, find a baby boutique and get some cute burp pads for her.
    They have them that you can have his name added to w/ cute embellishments.
  13. If you like euro boutique clothing (IKKS, Miniman, Jean Bourget, Catamini),
    check out:

    Jacadi also has some beautiful clothing.
  14. I second all three of these for boy clothes along with Ralph Lauren and
  15. I think the teeny-tiny plaid shirts at Ralph Lauren are SOOOO cute!