Those with Hermes bags, do you still carry others?

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  1. Didn't you notice there's a hook on the trolley?:roflmfao: (just joking, I agree with you and this is why I just bought myself two Balenciagas).
  2. Ah, but the hook on the trolley is an incentive for someone to snatch the precious baby. And you live in Italy, where they have the best training for snatch thefts??? (kidding.) :lol:

    I haven't ventured in Balenciaga territory, somehow it's probably a personal thing, but the bags don't get my blood pressure up. I do hear so many people saying they love the B's for their lightweight though.
  3. I know, but I just couldn't resist the joke!

    Well... Forgot to tell you I usually do my shopping at the supermarket with my right hand only, and that's not because I've had my left one amputated but it's because it usually stays on the hook with the bag.
  4. Sound like you need an H shoulder bag for those walking/shopping trips! :nuts:
  5. You might be right. It'll be something I'll investigate once I'm done with my Birkin/Kelly jag. I actually quite like the GP - totes are so practical, and the GPs look good to boot.
  6. I will never be able to only carry Hermes, but hopefully, I will have alot of Hermes choices.:love:
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