Those with Hermes bags, do you still carry others?

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  1. You are going to LOVE that Jeanne MM. I'm telling you, it's THE perfect size! wah, i want it in pink. Btw, you gonna paint yours?
  2. i'm a sucker for all the "it" bags, so i still buy and use them all. i like to have a variety. even though i might not use a bag for over a year, i like knowing that it's still in my closet "just in case" i want to bust it out again. same with clothes and shoes.....
  3. I've been trying to limit myself to only one IT bag a year, but even then I still feel immense guilt and buyer's regret for buying it. I think I just need to learn to be patient and wait for Hermes ...
  4. :yahoo: I can't wait to get it! DH said Christmas. *sigh* ;)

    I'm not going to paint the Jeanne (I think) but next I want to get a tote or Okinawa and paint that one. :nuts: But I can't even begin to decide what colors! :shrugs:
  5. When i got my first Hermes.. i thought that i wont be able to carry any other brand bags.. however, most of my other bags are limited edition LV, bottega and classic Chanel so to me they're so valuable and special... i think there's time for Hermes and time for other designer bags.. it depends on where I'm going and my mood basically!!
  6. I love Hermes but I also have a crazy thing for the Chanel classic flap bags I love all the different colors and fabrics and leathers that they come out with every season.They are very collectable and never go out of style.They are so fun!!:flowers:
  7. I vary it, partly because my Birkin gets really heavy and partly because I really love my LV Alma and my LV bucket bag (the large size). But considering how much the Birkin cost, and because it's just so darn FABULOUS, I always return to Hermy!

  8. I still carry my Balenciagas and MJ (a run-around bag. It's scuffed all over!). Bbags are just so light, can't resist. Oh I carry my YSL Muse as well, occasionally. Nice shape and the dark choc is just too scrumptious to leave forever in a dustbag.
  9. shoes.. don't have enough hermes bags not to carry other bags.. hehe... but love all my other bags.... cant use the hermes bag when it is raining.. that's what my prada and dior bags are good for... hehe
  10. Even though I have yet to carry my first Hermes bag, hopefully there will be more to come! :graucho: I am sure I would still switch to other bags depending on where I am going. I love my Loro Piana Globe bag :love: and would still carry Marc Jacobs, Mulberry Roxanne, Longchamp and Furla, and little known designer bags which I treasure from Europe trips. There is no such thing as too many bags for a girl!:lol:
  11. I am still a sucker for Chanel and LV. I actually cheated by buying the new LV leather Onatah in the aubergene color because it is so soft and the color is so pretty and for now it is my bag of the week.
  12. I bought my first H bag 10 years ago.

    When I bought it I basicly stopped wearing anything else since I loved it so much, I had wanted it so bad and for such a long time and I just couldn't imagine anything that could make me look better.

    I now own 5 of them, and honestly these are the only bags I have bought and I have been wearing for these last 10 years. :heart: :heart: It's true love!:heart: :heart:

    The only exceptions are:

    Two very special bags (onle early bracelet chloe with huge beads all over, and one fendi orange croc with a special one of a kind sculpted buckle), wich have been worn maybe 60 times each.

    My classic chanel bag I bought in 1988 and that I have worn maybe 10 times in the last 10 years.

    My collection of vintage (1900-1950) purse which I wear for special occasions in the evening (very fragile), they are mesh Mandalian and Whiting & Davis, microbeaded, or micro petit point.

    During the last two months I have bought two Balenciaga citys since I needed something light and easy that I could wear on my shoulders when I jump on my moped... but that's another story.

    I would say H is an everyday bag for me. Yessss!
    Nothing looks better.
  13. i pretty much carry my birkins everyday.
  14. I just woke up this morning thinking that I have NOT used any of the other three bags I own other than my Hermes babies! And I still want MORE!!!! Honestly, I woke up today thinking that it's a good day for using the Rouge H Chevre Kelly!!!!! ......i think i need a life...............
  15. Ok, am I going to get shot for saying this but I have to say:

    Although I love love love H bags and still gasp at how well-made they are, and how great they look, they're not for everyday use for me.

    1.If I'm travelling in a "walking" city ie New York, London, Paris, most cities on the continent, the bags are just too heavy to lug around for a whole day out. They're fine when I'm at home and jumping in and out of the car.

    2.They're not always the most practical for everyday life. I just "graduated" from a JPG to a 35 ostrich Birkin, and the first expedition to the supermarket with it, I was swearing and cursing and texting my SIL to ask her how she manages to carry her Birkin AND push her supermarket trolley at the same time. :s