Those with Hermes bags, do you still carry others?

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  1. Nope. I only carry my Hermes babys....but I think it's partly because, well, I SOLD all my others!!!!!!!

    ...actually I only have three others left...Chanel re-issue, Chanel Bolt (thinking of selling her though) and Mom's old Speedy.
  2. I love my LVs too and I'm taking my Saleya shopping tomorrow. :flowers: I usually do use something Hermes on my LVs like my Hippo or a pocket square. I like mixing them. :smile:
  3. I Wish I Could Feel This Way....Just Hermes!!! :smile: Someday...

    I Believe Once I Have One There Will Be No Turning Back (But, I Do Change Bags Daily ~ So Who Knows!)!!!

    I Do Wear LV, Chanel, Prada, Gucci...What Else ~ Moschino....Fendi, Burberry, Dior
  4. Yes I do carry others. For example, it rained for three days here and there is NO way I was going to take my Hermes in the rain.
  5. I do carry a few other bags, 3 others really. My huge Devi Kroell python when it rains, and I have a no-name bag from a lovely small french designer that I carry when I casually go out at night, so I don't have to worry at all about where I put it down. Finally, I have a brown Bottega Veneta Cabat that I really enjoy carrying as a more casual alternative to some of my Hermes pieces.
    So those are pieces that I alternate with my Hermes because there are certainly days/occassions when I can't carry an Hermes for some reason. However, I still mainly carry Hermes, because as was stated previously, I also got rid of most of my other bags when I fell in love with Hermes!
  6. I change when the weather starts getting bad or I need to have my hands free--Old Marc Jacobs Stella and Ursula bags, trusty Balenciaga black City and grey hobo, Chanel's Vintage Ligne, and black 2.55 for evenings.
  7. i carry long champ for hauling stuff, but i only use the one hermes purse.
  8. Since I only have my birkin, I try not to tire her out too much. So I rotate my bags and my favorite everyday bags are Goyards!
  9. ^^ Looking forward to my 1st Goyard bag! :love: (jeanne MM in black/black)
  10. I wear vintage croc bags, and love the Botkier Ball bag, the original. Have it in every color. SO pratical! and judith Lieber for evening!
  11. well my first love was /is ever will be hermès but i love variety. there are these days when hermès is inappropiate the whether is bad (sandstorm coming or when it rains in dubai it rains i tell ya) or i am in the mood for small baguette type shoulder bags or clutches apart the hermès look or these days when i wear rose gold jewellery and the hardware doesn´t match (guccis light gold does that perfectly) or i am in the mood for either big or no jewelery then i do not want hardware on my bags as it is to OTT then (bottega is fab for that) etc.
  12. I am a big Chanel fan, so I do own a lot of Chanel bags. I use my Hermes about half the time. I also have a Longchamp tote which comes out in bad weather.
  13. Currently, my Birkin is my "weekend" bag...she is just not appropriate to take to work/office (university campus)...

    I alternate with Chanel and LV totes for "other" bags include the Chanel COCO bag and large black Diamond Stitch tote...I also have a SO LV damier bucket and the black LV Suhali Lockit PM... I think about selling one of the Chanel bags and the LV bucket from time to time...I keep thinking the H trim bag would make a great replacement...
  14. I do use my other bags, but all of them are Chanel except one by Tods.
    Partially, same as GF I still do not have all Hermes bags to suite every possible occasion:rolleyes: and other part due to fact that the weather here is prone to rain, quite a lot...Some days I really wish to take my Birkin out, but... alas :Push: - it is rainy, so my black reissue or latest edition to my collection -Coco's cabas is going out with me. :angel:
  15. i luv luv by 40cms but they're damn heavy! :P after a few mins or carrying it, i'd feel neck pain and i could see red marks on my arm :cursing: but heck, the bag is so roomy and useful, i could stuff all my essentials on it. i use birkin on sunny days only since they're quite hard to maintain. otherwise, i carry my gucci, prada or lvs so i don't have to worry of getting it watermarked :sweatdrop: